Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jingle Bells!!

It's Christmas time!! I love Christmas. I love almost everything about it. I love to shop, put up lights, go visit everyone, take time off work, give gifts, cook food..... Yup, all of it. I hate when it's over, I don't like to take down my lights or my decorations. My house looks naked when I take all that stuff down, it's kinda sad.

I'm almost done with my shopping but not quite. I have no idea what to get my Mother. You'd think that I would know since we go everywhere together and shop together and stuff but I'm really stumped. Normally I get her some sort of furniture piece. Like a bookcase, or curio for her china and stuff. One year I got her a grandmother's ring with all the kids' birthstones in it. That was pretty cool. The ring had her own stone in the middle and then the 6 stones around it with the kids' names next to them. When I gave it to her I had her sit on the couch and put all the kids on the couch with her in the middle so I could take their picture. Then I told her that at that moment she was surrounded by her grandchildren and that no matter where she was that she could always be surrounded by them as long as she was wearing THIS! And then I whipped out the ring and showed her that her stone was in the middle, we all cried and it was great.

I like to try to find the perfect gift for everyone but if not then I'm happy with finding the perfect gift for at least one person on my list. This year it's just not happening. Maybe I have shopper's block or something.

I am more "ahead" than usual. The day after Christmas last year I was in Albertson's and managed to grab a few left over items that they had so technically I've been shopping for THIS Christmas since the day after Christmas LAST year. Not that I did a lot of shopping throughout the year but I did manage to score a few items here and there. I'm sure though that I'll be shopping until the Fat Man comes down the chimney but I'll stay out of his way if he'll stay outta mine.