Thursday, October 19, 2006

Man! I'm not a good blogger!

Why can't I get this thing updated more often? What's up with me??? Well let me catch up.


It was hot. Kids went back to school. That consisted of lots of outpouring of cash. School clothes, school pictures, book fairs, etc.


More school stuff. Dance class performs at the fall festival, that was fun to watch. Baby Girl was cute. I worked a lot this month.


I went back to working 5 days a week. I still go in at 6 am but I get off work at 3 instead of 5 so I'm loving that. Unfortunately this week I got sick. I've home in bed for 2 days. I've never slept so much in my life. I'm getting over it now. I have a whopper of a headache at the moment but otherwise I feel better.

We started working on a walkway for the front yard. It's going slow but it just can't be helped. Mr had to work last weekend so it didn't get finished on Saturday then it rained on Sunday and now the weather has turned cold. I think it's supposed to improve this weekend so maybe we can make some headway.

Otherwise everything is going OK. I'm still alive and kicking.