Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wow! I didn't realize how long it's been!

Well I guess time really DOES fly when you're having fun. Or when you're working yourself to death.. same difference. Or not.

So let me get all caught up.

I planted a garden! It's not a farm size garden or anything but since this is the first one I've ever planted I thought I'd stick with the basics. First thing is to till up the garden spot. Let me start by saying that is easier said than done. Tilling up ground that's never been tilled before and obviously doesn't WANT to be tilled up is hard work. I thought I was going to just stiffen up and not be able to move for 3 days afterward! But, after much toil and determination the garden was tilled and ready to be planted. Not so fast there buckaroo you have to make your rows first. So, OK, I put up some stakes and ran some strings so my rows would resemble rows and not a slinky snake and made rows. Then I planted, with the help of Mom and Baby Girl. We planted corn, okra, beans, watermelon, canteloupe, tomatoes (3 different kinds), cucumber, carrots, parsley, dill, jalepenos, squash and a few flowers. Everything is coming up, I've got squash that should be ready to pick in a few days, tomatoes on the vine, the melon plants have blumes and so do the cucumbers. My cousin has a garden and her's is way bushier and more healthy looking but she planted before I did so hopefully mine will catch up. Or at least yield more than just leaves.

New York and DC!! Yep, that's where I was last week. I may have written about it before but Oldest is in 7th grade and eligible for an annual trip that a few of the middle school teachers plan every year. They usually go to DC but this time they added NYC to the agenda. 8 adults and 51 (yes that's a 5 and a 1 .. in that order) kids. We had the best time! We saw the monuments, churches, tombs, landmarks, and everything else you could cram into 4 days spread over 2 major US cities. I love NYC. I wouldn't live there for all the Keith Urban's in Australia but I sure do love to visit there. The hustle and bustle is really a cool thing to watch. I could probably sit in the park or on a busy sidewalk and just watch all the people go by. Everybody seems to be in a hurry to get someplace and there are so many places to get to.

If you've never traveled with a group of 6th, 7th and 8th graders you are just plain missing out. Those kids had such a good time. They did really well at not fighting and fussing too. I think the adults whined more than the kids! We were hot and tired and sticky and feet hurt and hot....... and tired. But we took a gazillion pictures and laughed at the craziest things. We looked for celebrities but they hide out too well. We did see Rupert from the Helo Deli. If you've ever watched David Letterman then you know who Rupert is. He was sitting outside the deli and he was wearing a Texas Longhorns shirt! We thought that was perfect! So we all had a pic made with him. I'm sure he was glad to see our bus pull away from the curb, that poor man.

The highlights of my trip include: Old Glory, the originally US Flag at the American History museum. It was cool to see how they restored it and took care of it. The Tomb of the unknown Soldier. We watched them change the guard at the tomb and watched how the soldier guards it with his 21 steps, face the tomb for 21 seconds and then make another 21 steps. It was very poignant. Vietnam War Memorial Wall. I've been there before but we were there ON Memorial Day! Nothing can compare with something like that. There were crowds of people there paying their respects, bagpipes playing, taps on the trumpet, speeches and all kinds of military personnel. That was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

In NYC I guess my highlight would be having out pic taken in Times Square. It was night and the photographer did an awesome job of catching all the signs lit up behind us. It looks really good.

My oldest enjoyed the trip, he hung out with friends and I tried not to smother him. I think I did a good job. I think his fav thing was the NBC Studios tour. He thought that was pretty cool. And the Empire State Building. He was pretty nervous about looking down.

In a couple of years it'll be Youngest Boy's turn to go and I can't wait. The teachers that organize this thing are a blast to be around. We sing and play music on the bus and watch movies and the leader of the group picks on everyone. Nobody is immuned and he has a nickname for all the kids that just shows how much he pays attention to them. I hope he continues this tradition for many years to come.


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