Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Freezer Flub!

Well we had a little freezer incident yesterday. It might've not been such an impact if I didn't have almost a whole hog and a bunch of ice cream in there.

Last Oct we bought a pig, along with 3 other families, they he stayed at my cousin's place and we fed them out for slaughter. About 2 months ago we took them in for processing and we each got the equivalent of a whole hog.

Sunday I went to the grocery store and bought a few items and that included ice cream. I stored it all in my big, upright, deep freeze.

Yesterday I get everyone up and off to Grandma's and I head to work. The Mr beat me home and when he got there the alarm on the freezer was sounding. At some point during the morning's rush to get everyone out the door a child, and I don't know which one, got into the freezer and didn't get the door shut all the way. Apparently an ice cream box had shifted it's position and blocked the closing of the door. So it's not like the child left the door open intentionally but they just didn't realize that the door never shut all the way. 15 hours later we have mostly thawed meat and extremely thawed ice cream. Yay me.

So we get most of the mess cleaned up and I start calling family and friends. Want some meat that you have to cook in the next 2 days? My cousin told me to bring her some of it and she'd just cook it for me and then I can freeze it, like the sausage. My mom volunteered to cook the hams and ribs for me today as well. Then my cousin calls her Granny and her Granny said that as long as the sausage was still very cold then you could refreeze it. I'm not so sure about that but we'll see.

So, today when I get home I'll make some sausage patties and fry them up and freeze them. I'll brown some sausage for putting on pizzas and mixing with scrambled eggs. I'll cook some pork chops for supper. And eat the ribs my mom is cooking for me.

I had hoped my pig would last me further into the year but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. At least it won't all go to waste!


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