Friday, February 17, 2006

The trip

So I don't know if I posted much of anything about this trip me and my son are going to take. It's with a couple of teachers from the school even though it's not a school sponsored event. The teachers in question have been doing this for a lot of years. It's a 4 day trip to Washington DC and NY City. I'm very excited about it. We leave on Memorial day and come back that Thursday. I've been there before but my son has never been. We will make all the normal landmarks and all the fees and food are included in the price. In NY City we also get to sit in on the set of the NBC morning show and see a Radio City Music Hall show.

There will be a lot of walking involved and so I have to get us prepared for that. We need to get some good walking shoes and maybe put us some Dr Shoell's (or however you spell it) shoe insert things. Anway, I think we'll have a blast. I just pray for good weather and pray it's as amazing as I'd like it to be for us.


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