Friday, February 17, 2006

Soccer and Weather in Texas

Well it's soccer season once more and that means cold weather. Yep, we've had the most unusual weather I've seen probably in my life. It's been warmer this year than ever. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and today it's 32. What's up with that?!?!? Well the answer is that our first soccer game (youngest boy is playing this season) is scheduled for 7:45 am tomorrow, that's why. The odds of me setting my alarm to get up and be there at pregram practice by 7:15 are slim to zilch! Now, coach says they wouldn't officially cancel the game until 7:30 so we should go ahead and show up even if they cancel it 15 minutes later but he's some kinda sicko if he thinks that's gonna happen. It's not supposed to start with the sleet and freezing rain until around midnight and the chances are only like 60% or something but I think I've officially decided the 1st game of the season is just plain cancelled.

UPDATE: They just called, it's 9 pm here, and let me know that the games for tomorrow are cancelled. I'm happy about that. :)


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