Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Wedding!

No, not mine, silly. I've already told the Mr that when we get divorced I'll never do this again. No sirree. A guy that I work with got married. He sits right behind me and he's just a super duper kinda guy so I'm really happy for him.

I spent several hours making a card. I just couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look but I got inspiration from the Bible. Their wedding was done in pink and gold so I used vellum and stickers and such in those colors and I put a few versus in there from Genesis and then a couple in there from Psalms. The Genesis verses were about how God said Adam shouldn't be alone, put him in a deep sleep, took the rib and made woman. Adam declared that this was bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, man would leave his mother and father and cleave only to his wife and together be one flesh. Obviously I'm paraphrasing all this. Anyway, I have a Dakes Bible and that's a really cool thing to have. They have all the verses in the middle and then they have all these cool notes and definitions on the side and underneath. Lot's of useful info there. So, in the footnotes about the aforementioned verses they say that "Woman wasn't taken from man's head to be lorded over by him, nor from his feet to be trampled on by him but from under his arm to be protected by him, from his side to be equal to him and from near his heart to be loved by him. " I thought that was so neat. I also put a verse from Psalms in there that says something along the lines of "God saved his inheritance for his annointed and that he would feed and forever lift up his people". That was kind of my prayer for them.

The cool thing about that was the brides's mom and stepdad got up and read Bible verses during the ceremony and the stepdad read the same verses from Genesis that I had in my card. I thought to myself "Touchdown!" I just hope she liked the card.

I also made for them a set of pillows. A seamstress I am not. However, their registry at Crate and Barrel had some pillows in it that I thought were "ok" but I could do better. So I set out last week on a search for some fabric. I walked into the fabric store and absolutely fell in love with some silky looking blue fabric with some sort of leaf on it. It kind of had this Japanese feel to the design and it was just stunning. I also bought some brown textured looking fabric to go with it. I think the blue and brown look are in and the pillows they had picked out were blue so I figured it'd be OK. So Friday night was spent sewing up pillows. I think they turned out OK and I had this great idea of how to package it all up for them.

My original thought was the old standby: a cardboard box. I thought that might get a little large because those two pillows were 18x18 inches. So I had a brilliant, if I do say so myself, idea: I'd put them in one of those space bags that you suck all the air out of and then they'd be small enough to put in a much easier to manage container, like a gift bag or something, and when she'd pull that gift out she'd have NO idea what she was looking at until she opened it up, seen the pillows puff out as if by magic and to top it all off they'd get to keep the innovative and useful space bag!! Well, that's all good but the dang material kind of wrinkles up when you do that. It's so shimery and shiny and delicate. The pillow still puffs out but it just doesn't look as crisp and new as it should. So, it was off to Wal-Mart to locate an equally clever idea: a storage container. I'm all about function you know. I'm just not all about compact, easy to wrap gift ideas. So I get a blue storage container even though it was bigger than I needed. It was the color that I liked. It was a kind of light blue that I thought would go with my pillows. I also picked up 2 pkgs of hangers and some storage bowls to fill up the empty space that my pillows were sure to not fill up. And an extra roll of wrapping paper because the roll I had previously purchased wasn't gonna cover that stupid container.

I got it home, wrapped it up, used my handy dandy bow maker to make a pretty gold bow to go on it and stepped back to admire my handy work. It looked like a 3 yr old had wrapped it. Oh well, you have to sometimes deal with what you've got and live with the results. I just hoped that what was IN the gift made up for how it looked.

So, purchased, made and wrapped........... and never once considered how I'd look dressed in a skirt, nice shirt and slip on shoes walking through the cold carring this gigantic, stupid storage container. At least I didn't have to look at me.

But the wedding was beautiful. It was a Catholic ceremony. They hand out programs when you walk through the door because they want you to always know how far you are from the end of the ceremony. Reading, praying, singing, vowing, more praying and singing and reading and well wishing, etc etc. But I'm here to say that when the bride stepped around the corner in full view of the groom, HE FELL APART!! It was so heart warming. It made me cry to watch him cry. How awesome is it when the groom cries at the first sight of his bride walking down the isle?!?! That, my friends, is why women cry at weddings.

His brother was the best man and at the reception he made a speech that was also just so incredibly sweet. He said that they had grown up in a military family. So their dad was always halfway around the world someplace so the groom was his father figure. When the brother was about 12 yrs old and just starting to get interested in girls, the groom took him aside for a little talk. He said to his brother "let's make a pact. Let's agree that we will alwasy treat women like little princesses". How cool is that for one brother to say to another?!?! And I believe he has always kept that pact. He's just a really nice guy with a wonderful outlook and zest for life. He's spent the last year working hard to get ready, not just his wedding, but for his marriage. He's met with his church leaders, been to counseling for young couples, etc. I firmly believe that this man is ready to be the husband that he should be and I think she's one lucky lady. I don't know her real well but they certainly looked in love. I hope she's as good to him as I think he's going to be to her. I pray all the blessings of God on them and it looks to me like He's already raining it down on them.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Talk about a hottie!!!

WHEW!! I watched Seth Westscott run this race and I do have to say that he's absolutely gorgeous. His girlfriend is also a snowboard cross racer. Lucky her!

I have to say that the above pic doesn't do the man justice. He's much better looking in Torino this week on TV. :)

New Recipe

I spoke of food earlier and, to be honest, I'm not very adventurous so I've been trying to branch out. Here's the latest that I tried and, I must admit, it was pretty good. I altered it by using Ragu sauce instead of the sauce she listed because I've made her sauce and didn't like it. However, this turned out pretty darned good. I'm not a big pasta eater so I could only eat a little of it. Anyway, good stuff!

The trip

So I don't know if I posted much of anything about this trip me and my son are going to take. It's with a couple of teachers from the school even though it's not a school sponsored event. The teachers in question have been doing this for a lot of years. It's a 4 day trip to Washington DC and NY City. I'm very excited about it. We leave on Memorial day and come back that Thursday. I've been there before but my son has never been. We will make all the normal landmarks and all the fees and food are included in the price. In NY City we also get to sit in on the set of the NBC morning show and see a Radio City Music Hall show.

There will be a lot of walking involved and so I have to get us prepared for that. We need to get some good walking shoes and maybe put us some Dr Shoell's (or however you spell it) shoe insert things. Anway, I think we'll have a blast. I just pray for good weather and pray it's as amazing as I'd like it to be for us.

Speaking of shape...

I want to lose 5 lbs by May. I think that's possible for most people but I seem to lack enough ambition on this particular subject to do myself much good. I also have a particular fondness for chocolate. Anyway, my cousin has lost 17 lbs in 5 weeks on the weightwatcher diet. I didn't know much about this diet program so I got the details from her. They let you have a certain number of points based on your weight. I'd be allowed 20 points per day. They even have the points posted on some ready made meals at the grocery store or you can buy your food from them I think. They also have regular food graded on the point system. You go once a week to a meeting and weigh yourself. You also get 35 points per week to float any way you want. For example, you can use an extra 5 points per day or you may want to use all 35 of them in one day or split them up any way you want.

I don't know that I could do that diet just because I'm such a picky eater. It's not that the food I eat is so bad for me. It's just that there's a limited amount of food I'll actually eat. Plus it's just hard for me to find any of those premade meals that I will eat. I just think they are nasty. The pizza that they show on their tv commercial looks like it's made out of plastic! How can anyone eat something that looks like that??!!?

I think I just need more excercise. The life I lead is very... I forget the word for it.. sedentary? Anyway, I don't get to move around much. At work I sit in front of a computer, I commute so far to work that I'm in the truck for 3.5 hours a day. I do have a health club membership but when I get home at 7 pm I only have time to get supper eaten and get the kids to bed before getting in bed myself. The club isn't open on Sunday so I have Friday and Saturday that I can work out. And I can always find an excuse not to go. Which is just stupid, by the way. Why am I paying for this stupid membership if I'm not using it? My mom and I joined together hoping we'd motivate each other but she's a bit passive and doesn't make me go.

I just need to get more motivated. I hoped that the trip that my son and I are taking in May would get me more into this thing but I guess not. I used to be a more challenging person when I was younger and I'm not sure when I got so ..... blase', un-ambitious, lazy even.

I think I need to work on my attitude.


Terry over at possumblog asked some questions about the olympics so I thought I'd comment here about them.

I've been trying to watch as much of it as I can. I don't get home until around 7pm during the week and I try to be asleep by 10 cause I get up at 3:30 in the stupid, blinking, damn morning so I can't stay up too late. Anyway, my opinion is mixed. I guess the summer olympics spoiled me. We had so many medals in those games that we couldn't count them all. In the winter olympics we seem to be faultering. Admittedly I haven't checked the medal count in the last few days but Apallo Ohno fell, Lisa Kildow fell, our men's figure skater did OK but it wasn't the performance some people expected, etc etc. I just think we haven't done as well. Bode Miller is blowing my mind with his disqualification and just plain crappy first attempt at a medal. I just hope we step up to the plate pretty soon and get us some more medals.

I think one of the cool stories of the week is Toby Dawson. I got teary eyed just watching his mom in the audience. She was so happy about his bronze medal and just hearing his story..... it was pretty touching.

I just checked the medal standings and we do have 6 gold medals and that's more gold than anyone else but we are only at a total of 10 medals and that's 3 less than Norway. So I guess we aren't too far behind but I just think with all the potential medal winners we had on our teams thaat we should be doing better.

I'm sure that if I strapped on a pair of skis or a snowboard or even a pair of ice skates I'd put all those people to shame. I bet I'd come home with the gold every time. I mean, what kind of shape are they in anyway?? They look like a bunch of stick figures out there. I, on the other hand, am in perfect shape. Perfectly round shape.

Soccer and Weather in Texas

Well it's soccer season once more and that means cold weather. Yep, we've had the most unusual weather I've seen probably in my life. It's been warmer this year than ever. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and today it's 32. What's up with that?!?!? Well the answer is that our first soccer game (youngest boy is playing this season) is scheduled for 7:45 am tomorrow, that's why. The odds of me setting my alarm to get up and be there at pregram practice by 7:15 are slim to zilch! Now, coach says they wouldn't officially cancel the game until 7:30 so we should go ahead and show up even if they cancel it 15 minutes later but he's some kinda sicko if he thinks that's gonna happen. It's not supposed to start with the sleet and freezing rain until around midnight and the chances are only like 60% or something but I think I've officially decided the 1st game of the season is just plain cancelled.

UPDATE: They just called, it's 9 pm here, and let me know that the games for tomorrow are cancelled. I'm happy about that. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I almost forgot how to post something!

Man! It's been forever since I've posted anything. I'm a slacker. Actually it's because work has been such a nightmare that I haven't had the opportunity to post anything. That's the only time I do any posting anyway so you can see how that would get in the way of things.

But, the holidays are behind us, including that lovely Valentine's day, and so the next thing we have to look forward to is Spring Break (I don't actually get one but the kids do, how nice for them :) and Easter. My kids are getting a bit big for the Easter Egg hunt though. Last year none of mine hunted them, they did the egg hiding. Or should I say "egg launching"? Instead of peacefully placing an egg in a bed of grass for a child to find my kids would send an egg sailing through the air as far as they could throw it. Needless to say we didn't find them all.

Anyway, I'll try to put something interesting in here today. I don't wanna work anyway.