Monday, June 06, 2005

Rest of the weekend

Well Saturday was more strenuous than Friday was for me. I got started trying to build the spot where my pool is going to set. The plan, for those of you who haven't read what I've posted about this project, is to stack landscaping timbers 2 high, put down the weed barrier, put in sand and then set the pool on top. So, we had to have an arguement on Friday night about where to actually PUT this pool type area. Well, maybe "heated discussion" would be a better term to use. I was mostly unsure of where to put it although I had distinctive ideas of where I did NOT want to put it. I don't want to sit in my living room and stare out the back at a big blue pool instead of my beautiful pasture and trees. I also do not want to see that out my bedroom windows either. The Mr didn't want to extend his mowing requirements out too far either because he's decided there's already too much to mow as it is. But anyway, we finally decided where to put it and I mowed that patch on Friday night.

So, up Saturday morning and head out to buy a trailer load of sand before they close for the day. We got back and set out the timbers and started drilling the holes. Oldest boy and Baby girl helped quite a bit during this stage. Kids like to beat on things after all so they were quite instrumental in getting the rebar down in the holes and banged into the ground. We took a break in the afternoon and then Youngest boy and I went out to finish drilling the last 4 holes and he used a sledge hammer to bang in the rest of the rebar. He was quite proud of himself and I was proud of all of them for helping. Then it was time to lay the weed barrier and pile in the sand.

I knew I didn't have enough weed barrier left from my front yard project so I laid out what I did have and it covered about half of my square. So we (the kids and I) piled some sand on that. I also know that I don't have enough sand but I figured I could put enough on to cover the area where the pool itself is going to sit and then I can fill in the rest this coming weekend when I can go get more sand. I'd like to get the pool set up and start filling it so the water won't be so dad-blamed COLD when I want to get in it.

So, I get the initial part of my barrier covered but know I need more barrier. I went to Wal-Mart and got more but it was late on Saturday when I got that done. I figured I'd finish it up on Sunday.

However, that was not to be. Sunday was by far the laziest day I've probably ever had. Sure, I got some laundry done, I did go get the newspaper, but that's the extent of it. I was worthless. I sat in my room in the recliner and watched TV all day. I'm suprised I didn't give myself a headach with all that inactivity. Yep, I regret such slovenly behavior and I wish I'd done more towards getting that pool done or painting my patio table or sewing some pillows or something but since I can't turn back the clock then I guess I'll just have to work extra hard this week to get things done.


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