Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dan Brown Book Reviews

Has anyone else read The Da Vinci Code? What about Angels and Demons or The Digital Fortress? They are all Dan Brown books. I've read all three and I have to admit the man is one heck of a story teller. I've categorized the Code as pure blasphemy but otherwise it's an awesome read. Well OK I listened to it on DVD but the storyteller was quite good. Unlike others I've listened to.

Anyway, there's some controversy about the book for sure and I'm not talking about whether or not Tom Hanks should play the role of Robert Langdon in the movie. (Although I must say I'm looking forward to the move and am desperately hoping Tom doesn't ruin it for me. Not that he's not an awesome actor, I love the guy, but he's so well known that I don't know if I can forget that it's Tom Hanks. He better be convincing) But I digress. The book is very good. It moves along without stalling and the details are quite spectacular. You can certainly learn a lot about symbology and history by reading this book, if the facts are actually the FACTS as are claimed. I mean, the story is a fiction but the Louve exists as well as all the other places he notes in the book. Plus you have the added interest of learning what a lot of symbols stand for. I guess the thought that the Catholic church suppressed the importance of women in Christianity isn't far fetched. Nor is it out of question that the person sitting to the left of Christ in the Last Supper could, indeed, be a portrait of a woman. I certainly rushed to locate a a picture of the painting so I could see if it was feminine and I can certainly see where it is. However, I have to believe in my faith in the written word of God. I don't necessarily place all my belief in the written work of King James because I like to use a concordance when I think I need to learn the literal word that God put in a specific verse. Because, let's face it, the bible was re-written by man at a time when the royalty that commissioned it wasn't exactly someone I'd have a lot of respect for. So, the thought of Jesus marrying and having descendents is where I draw the line. God didn't tell me that happened and I believe that'd be a pretty important event in the life of Jesus.

After I read the Code and so enjoyed his style of writing I thought I'd read another. So I bought the Digital Fortress. Pretty darn fascinating even if it wasn't the blockbuster that the Code was. It revolves around the questionable activities of the NSA. It brings up some very important points. Where do we draw the line around our right to privacy? Some people say we have the right to total privacy, the government shouldn't be read by the government and they shouldn't be allowed to listen to our phone calls. Are these people with something to hide? Probably not all of them. Some people just believe in the land of the free. But are these the first people protesting on the steps of the White House because the FBI and CIA didn't stop the planes from hitting the towers before it happened? Are these the same people that argue that the people held at Gitmo should have the same rights of any POW but would also protest if one of those people were let out of there and then bombed an American Embassy and as "what'd you let them go for?" Well who knows. People are strange. But it certainly makes you wonder about things.

I've just finished one of his other books called Angels and Demons. Awesome book I must say. Again, it was another one that I just couldn't put down. This one involves our questions regarding the old debate of science and religion. It tells the story of some very smart people making very complicated scientific discoveries. Some of them do it with the idea that science can prove there is no God. Others do it to prove that science can prove that God does actually exist. It's kind of ironic because part of the story revolves around the process to elect a new pope after the death of one. The world just witnessed this and, due to the advances in media coverage, we learned quite a bit about it so it was good to be able to understand it in relation to the book. It's also about the ancient cult, The Illuminati. That topic was touched on in the first Tomb Raider movie. Do they still exist today? What is their role in our society, if they do exist? What was the Catholic church's role where they were concerned? This one also involved Robert Langdon like the Da Vinci Code did but he wasn't in the Digital Fortress. Just thought I'd mention that. I think Dan could probably make this one into a movie as well and do very good with it.

Dan's books are very thought provoking. Whether you agree with him or not the stories are riveting. I hope to see more books by him. That's always hard isn't it? Waiting for one of your favorite authors to write something else. So, keep up the good work Dan.


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