Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm a slacker

Yep, that's me. I looked at my blog and discovered that I hadn't posted anthing in over a week! That's makes me a slacker.

So let's see, what's been going on in my world? Well, my oldest had a birthday this weekend so we had a party at the house. Just a friend of his and then the grandparents and cousins. We had burgers and hot dogs on the patio, swimming in the pool and ice cream and cake. So I guess I was pretty busy putting that together.

Work sucked last week. I'm here to tell you that I shoulda been born rich or, at the very least, inherited from a rich relative. I'm sick of this work life but I guess it's not gonna change until I win the lottery and I can't win it if I don't play it so I'm screwed all the way around.

Then my birthday was yesterday. However, I got my gift from the Mr and the kids on Monday. I got a Gazebo from Home Depot. It's the one with the screen around it so I can sit outside this summer without getting chewed to death by bugs. Then yesterday my mom gave me an outfit that I particularly liked and some flip flops (I love flip flops) and a purse with Tinkerbell on it. It's adorable. So, it was a good day and I was in bed by 9:15 so life was goooooooooooood.

So, you see, you didn't miss a thing. Now, if you really want something to think about you can meditate on the fact that my pool is as green as this font and I have to buy some aglaecide from Wal Mart today to make it blue and clean again for this weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dan Brown Book Reviews

Has anyone else read The Da Vinci Code? What about Angels and Demons or The Digital Fortress? They are all Dan Brown books. I've read all three and I have to admit the man is one heck of a story teller. I've categorized the Code as pure blasphemy but otherwise it's an awesome read. Well OK I listened to it on DVD but the storyteller was quite good. Unlike others I've listened to.

Anyway, there's some controversy about the book for sure and I'm not talking about whether or not Tom Hanks should play the role of Robert Langdon in the movie. (Although I must say I'm looking forward to the move and am desperately hoping Tom doesn't ruin it for me. Not that he's not an awesome actor, I love the guy, but he's so well known that I don't know if I can forget that it's Tom Hanks. He better be convincing) But I digress. The book is very good. It moves along without stalling and the details are quite spectacular. You can certainly learn a lot about symbology and history by reading this book, if the facts are actually the FACTS as are claimed. I mean, the story is a fiction but the Louve exists as well as all the other places he notes in the book. Plus you have the added interest of learning what a lot of symbols stand for. I guess the thought that the Catholic church suppressed the importance of women in Christianity isn't far fetched. Nor is it out of question that the person sitting to the left of Christ in the Last Supper could, indeed, be a portrait of a woman. I certainly rushed to locate a a picture of the painting so I could see if it was feminine and I can certainly see where it is. However, I have to believe in my faith in the written word of God. I don't necessarily place all my belief in the written work of King James because I like to use a concordance when I think I need to learn the literal word that God put in a specific verse. Because, let's face it, the bible was re-written by man at a time when the royalty that commissioned it wasn't exactly someone I'd have a lot of respect for. So, the thought of Jesus marrying and having descendents is where I draw the line. God didn't tell me that happened and I believe that'd be a pretty important event in the life of Jesus.

After I read the Code and so enjoyed his style of writing I thought I'd read another. So I bought the Digital Fortress. Pretty darn fascinating even if it wasn't the blockbuster that the Code was. It revolves around the questionable activities of the NSA. It brings up some very important points. Where do we draw the line around our right to privacy? Some people say we have the right to total privacy, the government shouldn't be read by the government and they shouldn't be allowed to listen to our phone calls. Are these people with something to hide? Probably not all of them. Some people just believe in the land of the free. But are these the first people protesting on the steps of the White House because the FBI and CIA didn't stop the planes from hitting the towers before it happened? Are these the same people that argue that the people held at Gitmo should have the same rights of any POW but would also protest if one of those people were let out of there and then bombed an American Embassy and as "what'd you let them go for?" Well who knows. People are strange. But it certainly makes you wonder about things.

I've just finished one of his other books called Angels and Demons. Awesome book I must say. Again, it was another one that I just couldn't put down. This one involves our questions regarding the old debate of science and religion. It tells the story of some very smart people making very complicated scientific discoveries. Some of them do it with the idea that science can prove there is no God. Others do it to prove that science can prove that God does actually exist. It's kind of ironic because part of the story revolves around the process to elect a new pope after the death of one. The world just witnessed this and, due to the advances in media coverage, we learned quite a bit about it so it was good to be able to understand it in relation to the book. It's also about the ancient cult, The Illuminati. That topic was touched on in the first Tomb Raider movie. Do they still exist today? What is their role in our society, if they do exist? What was the Catholic church's role where they were concerned? This one also involved Robert Langdon like the Da Vinci Code did but he wasn't in the Digital Fortress. Just thought I'd mention that. I think Dan could probably make this one into a movie as well and do very good with it.

Dan's books are very thought provoking. Whether you agree with him or not the stories are riveting. I hope to see more books by him. That's always hard isn't it? Waiting for one of your favorite authors to write something else. So, keep up the good work Dan.

A Special Thursday Three

1. Samantha for "Bewitched"--Elizabeth Montgomery or Nicole Kidman? [And since Marc was considerate of the girls amongst you in question 3 below, I would like to add -- Darrin: Dick York or Dick Sargent or Will Ferrell? Ed.]
I think the original Samantha takes the cake for me. Now, as a disclaimer, I have to say that I haven't seen the new movie but I have seen the advertisements for them so I have been able to form an opinion. Then again, most things are that way in that originals usually are better than imitations.

2. Favorite actor for Batman movies.
Hmmmm. Had to put a bit of thought into this one because I'm not the biggest Batman fan and, again, I haven't seen the new movie. So, I'd have to choose Michael Keaton. I think it's because he had the build, the dark hair (unlike Val Kilmer) and when he put on the tux you believed he was Bruce Wayne.

3. Favorite Star Wars "hottie" (if you could return to age 22 for one day) For the gals: Harrison Ford or Hayden Christenson (or Ewan McGregor? Samuel L. Jackson?? Yoda???) For the guys: Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman?
Absolutely Harrison Ford. No question in my mind.

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Sand Bass Festival notes

Personally, I've never been to the SBF but it looked fun in the commercials. The In Laws took the kids this weekend and they had a really good time. They rode rides and they played games and they ate junk food and just had a ball. The next day I called to inquire as to when they wanted me to come relieve them of the three bundles of joy and expense and was told there was a video that I just HAD to see.

Now, most people wouldn't cringe at such a thought but when it involves my 3 little people I tend to get nervous when I'm told "there is a video I just HAD to watch". That means that whatever they had done there was PROOF that they'd done it and I was going to be forced to watch and, therefore, render restitution or judgement.

However, in this case it was neither. Just bragging rights. You see, my Baby Girl is of an adventurous nature. That's part of what makes her MY Baby Girl. That plus she looks like me :D. But back to her adventurous nature. This is the child that wanted to ride every ride at Disney, even the ones they wouldn't LET her ride because she wasn't tall enough. That proceeded to tick her off immensely because she just couldn't understand this whole "height" issue people seem to be so hung up on. Forget the fact that she could FALL OUT AND PLUNGE TO HER DEATH. That didn't seem to bother her as much as being told she couldn't ride it! She's also the one that strapped herself into a harness and climbed the rock wall at the state fair. A feat her 2 older brothers couldn't accomplish. This time, the video in question, was of my little tootsie pop perched on top of the mechanical bull. Yes folks, she rode the bull. She didn't manage to conquer it but she stayed on for a while. It was adorable!! She smiled and waved and flung the hair and announced she was ready. They started her off slow and then picked up the pace. She hung on for a while. Then it got wild enough to throw her off. Which only made her want to do it again!

She also informed her Granny that the 14 yr old boy that helped her up onto the thing was cute and she was in loooooooooooove. Her Granny thought "great, not only are they gonna kill me for letting her ride but they're gonna really kill me when they found out I let her fall in looooove with the bull ride helper kid!"

We let her live. I'd have let her ride it too.

Weekend livin in the country!

When I built this house I fell in love with the patio. However, I've not been able to sufficiently arrange it to where I could enjoy it to its maximum level. Well I spent the majority of my Saturday correcting that problem.

Last year the Mr spent a lot of money buying out Lowe's on some of their close out patio furniture. We ended up with a nice patio table and chairs, a lounger and the party bar with chairs. Oh, and the 2 matching umbrellas. Plus I have a grill and another round patio table. That's a lotta patio furniture to try to find a place for.

The kids were going over to the in-laws to spend the night and go to the Ardmore OK Sand Bass Festival (more on that later) and so me and the Mr would have the evening to ourselves. I just couldn't pass that up. So I cleaned off the patio, hosed it down and swept it off and proceeded to make arrangements for a great romantic evening. Well ok, even if it didn't turn out ROMANTIC it would at least be fun and relaxing. So, I set the round patio table up with a beautiful green linen tablecloth, linen napkins, white and gold plates, a candle in a very tall candle holder and a green plant. I set the party bar around in a corner with a lantern under it that lit up the whole table. I had 2 white paper lanterns so I hung one up near the table but not over it. (so the bugs that found the lantern wouldn't end up in my plate!) and I set the other white lantern behind a huge ceramic pot that overflows with plants. I then set candles in all the window sills and put hurricane shades over them so they wouldn't blow out.

Then I had a really cool idea. So I drug out the queen size mattress from the sleeper sofa, put a thick white mattress pad on it and covered it in white and black sheets and pillow cases. Dang my patio looked cool!!

I met him at the door (he worked on Saturday) with a slinky black outfit on and a cold glass of tea. I scooted him off to the shower so he wouldn't see the patio yet and I lit the tiki torches. They burned for a bit and then I spent the better part of 15 minutes blowing the black soot off the dang bed and table. (rolling my eyes) What the hell good are those things anyway?!?!!? So I blew them out! Stupid things.

I had cooked pepper steak and baked him a lemon cake and we had a nice walk after supper. Then we took advantage of the rest of what I'd created. Just laying there staring up at the stars is another good use of a back patio too. And the weather as phenomenal!

Texas has such beautiful weather!

After reading skillz's and Terry's weather report I just couldn't resist needling them with a North Texas Weather Report of my own. I do believe we were sunny and 90 all weekend. :) As a matter of fact, I enjoyed patio sunbathing yesterday and am happy to report that I am sunburnt. Gotta love those Texas Junes.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Monitor

Well I'm happy to report that I bought a new monitor yesterday. Not than anybody but me cares. But it was a good deal so I couldn't pass it up and I needed a flat panel, so I splurged.

Fry's Electronics always has some great deals going on. I check their paper on Wednesdays, and Fridays when I think about it, especially when I'm looking for something. If I'm not in the market for something specific I usually try to stay away from that particular publication because it just makes me spend money I ain't got.

This time they were advertising a 17" flat panel for ........ get this........ $139!! Now of course there is the requisite rebate or two to deal with but that just comes with the technical territory. This one had a $110 in store rebate and a $100 mail in rebate. I jumped on it. Most 17" flat panels you see are at least $197 and on up.

I rearranged the office a few weeks ago and REALLY REALLY wished I had a flat panel because they are just so much more light weight and they take up faaaaarrrr less room. The desk I have is pulled away from the wall to accomodate my big 'ol honkin 17" CRT monitor so the back of it won't bang against my wall. Now I'll be able to push the desk back. :) Anyway, I was proud of my purchase.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jail could prove tough if Jackson is convicted

Boy if that isn't the understatment of the year! Could you imagine him in prison?!?! I don't think he'd make it if ya ask me.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rest of the weekend

Well Saturday was more strenuous than Friday was for me. I got started trying to build the spot where my pool is going to set. The plan, for those of you who haven't read what I've posted about this project, is to stack landscaping timbers 2 high, put down the weed barrier, put in sand and then set the pool on top. So, we had to have an arguement on Friday night about where to actually PUT this pool type area. Well, maybe "heated discussion" would be a better term to use. I was mostly unsure of where to put it although I had distinctive ideas of where I did NOT want to put it. I don't want to sit in my living room and stare out the back at a big blue pool instead of my beautiful pasture and trees. I also do not want to see that out my bedroom windows either. The Mr didn't want to extend his mowing requirements out too far either because he's decided there's already too much to mow as it is. But anyway, we finally decided where to put it and I mowed that patch on Friday night.

So, up Saturday morning and head out to buy a trailer load of sand before they close for the day. We got back and set out the timbers and started drilling the holes. Oldest boy and Baby girl helped quite a bit during this stage. Kids like to beat on things after all so they were quite instrumental in getting the rebar down in the holes and banged into the ground. We took a break in the afternoon and then Youngest boy and I went out to finish drilling the last 4 holes and he used a sledge hammer to bang in the rest of the rebar. He was quite proud of himself and I was proud of all of them for helping. Then it was time to lay the weed barrier and pile in the sand.

I knew I didn't have enough weed barrier left from my front yard project so I laid out what I did have and it covered about half of my square. So we (the kids and I) piled some sand on that. I also know that I don't have enough sand but I figured I could put enough on to cover the area where the pool itself is going to sit and then I can fill in the rest this coming weekend when I can go get more sand. I'd like to get the pool set up and start filling it so the water won't be so dad-blamed COLD when I want to get in it.

So, I get the initial part of my barrier covered but know I need more barrier. I went to Wal-Mart and got more but it was late on Saturday when I got that done. I figured I'd finish it up on Sunday.

However, that was not to be. Sunday was by far the laziest day I've probably ever had. Sure, I got some laundry done, I did go get the newspaper, but that's the extent of it. I was worthless. I sat in my room in the recliner and watched TV all day. I'm suprised I didn't give myself a headach with all that inactivity. Yep, I regret such slovenly behavior and I wish I'd done more towards getting that pool done or painting my patio table or sewing some pillows or something but since I can't turn back the clock then I guess I'll just have to work extra hard this week to get things done.

Tree Cuttin!

Friday the in-laws called because they have a tree in their yard that needed to come down. That's when I learned the my dear hubby is more yellow than his daddy is. In the words of my hubby dearest "The man is crazy". This tree has its problems. As do most trees that you have a desire to do away with. It was termite infested at the base, about 30-40 feet tall, very few limbs but has a "poof" of limbs and leaves at the top. The trunk wasn't the biggest thing in the world but it'd probably take all of my arm length to reach around it. Anyway, it kinda halfway leans out over their in ground pool for crimeny sakes and there's just no easy way to get to the top of it. The Dad In Law borrowed a 32 foot ladder and we extended it up the trunk of this tree. With the bends and dog-legs in it the ladder didn't exactly sit flush agains the trunk; ANYWHERE. It kind of rested against two "knobs" on the tree and so they tied the ladder to the tree trunk in those two spots. Needless to say: it still moved. Moreso towards the top of course. Now the Mr was pretty brave, I mean, he DID climb up there to a certain point but refused to go any further. He managed to use an extended pole saw to cut off some limbs here and there. However, after some discussion (and believe me, there was about an hour's worth of discussion before anyone even went UP the ladder the first time) Dad In Law decided that he'd better go on up and cut at the trunk. Now, keep in mind that Dad In Law is about 67, tougher than nails, more firm in his Christian faith than any preacher I've ever met, and pretty darn fearless. So, up the ladder he goes, lickity split, no problem. He goes up higher than the Mr dared to go and just started cutting with the chainsaw. That's what I told them to do in the first place but nobody ever listens to me. I'm a woman after all ya know and what do I know about cutting down trees, right? So he starts cutting and I had told the Mr that if they would just tie a rope onto the top part that they were cutting off I would stand on the other side of the yard and pull it that direction so that it'd fall where we wanted it to and not into the pool. Well they just didn't think that'd work very well and they were just going to cut and see what happens. OK, whatever floats your boat. So, after they cut for a while and realize that the top isn't going to fall on it's own because it's hung in the branches of the surrounding trees they tie a rope on it. Novel idea don't you think? Anyway, they pull and tug and tug and pull and saw some more and finally end up with a chain and a come along to pull it down. It landed on the concrete beside the pool and I thought it busted through by the sound of the THUD! when it hit but it didn't. We finally got it to where the rest of the trunk could be chopped off in pieces and I had to go to my nail appointment so I missed out on all the manual labor of hauling it out of the back yard. I have my priorities straight ya know.

Mom In Law and I was giving the Mr a hard time about not climbing all the way up the ladder and his response was: Dad is crazy; or maybe he's just more firm in his faith than I am.

Boy did the Mom In Law and I jump on that like a duck on a June bug! My response was that maybe the Mr should fix that. Seems to me that if he sees that his daddy is so resolved in his faith that he'd see that as a shining example of how he himself should be. But that's just me, I'm a woman so what would I know about such things, right?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Busy Busy Week Last Week

Well I'm finally getting around to posting something again. It's been a pretty busy week though. Last week was the last week of school for the kids. The Mr took them bike shopping for their perfect attendance for the year reward. The Youngest Boy passed everything and got $10 for his efforts. He'd have gotten $15 if he'd have snuck in an 80 somewhere. I don't know what Oldest's grades are because they haven't sent his report card yet. And Baby Girl netted a whopping $50 for her "'A' honor roll for the entire year" reward. She went through that like only a true daughter of mine could. We are both lovers of Wal-Mart.

So Friday I pick up some landscaping timbers to go around the spot where I'm going to put the pool. I've decided I'm going to stack them about 2 timbers high all the way around the pool, put down some weed barrier, put sand in the bottom of it and then put the pool on top of the sand. That way you can mow around it, the kids can get in and out of the pool without muddy feet and it would just look better. To keep the timbers where they need to be I'm drilling holes through them about 6 inches from each end so that I can stack them and stick a piece of rebar through the 2 to keep them in place. Drilling holes through those suckers is harder than they make it look on TV!! I've gotten 5 done and I only have 19 more to go. Someone pray for me please.

Saturday was a wash. Rained all day. Sunday was better. I'm working on getting the office room organized and the first order of business was painting a desk that we've had for a few years. It's a pretty big desk, no drawers or anything, just a top on a metal base. But on the top of it there's another piece that's a raised area. That's where we set the monitors for the computers. It'll fit 2 people pretty comfy. But it's not real wood so painting it has become a chore. Paint doesn't just stick to anything ya know. Therefore we sanded the hell out of it and now the paint sticks. I only had to scrape all my paint off once to figure that out but now it's a done deal and looks pretty good if I do say so myself. So the office is rearranged now and you can actually walk through it. Now if I could just get some shelves up on the wall I'd feel like I'd have actually accomplished something great.

Monday wasn't the sunny, hot Memorial Day we'd all hoped for but it wasn't all bad either. We had a cook out over at my mom's house. Chicken, burgers, hot dogs and kids all over the place. A good time was had by all.

Tuesday I took a vacation day because Granny was supposed to have the cataracs taken out of her eyes but the clinic where it was scheduled at called and said that she can't have it there. Apparently they have a policy that states that if a patient has had a heart attack within a certain period of time the procedure has to be done at a hospital. So, we'll have to reschedule. In the meantime, I had already gotten it into my head that I was off on that day for vacation and I just couldn't bring myself to go to work after they cancelled. So I stayed home and worked on my office room.

I also watched a fascinating episode of Oprah. She had guests on that helped women find their inner sexpot! I needed to be on that show! But anyway, did you know that people install stripper poles in their houses to enhance their sex lives? Who'da thunk it? How do you explain THAT to your kids I wonder!?!?!? You're practicing to be a fireman? You thought an extra floor-to-ceiling pole would help hold up the roof?? And what about people that come over to visit you? My bathroom is the more accessible one from the kitchen area so people tend to use that one when we have gatherings at the house. My granny sure would wonder why a fireman's pole was put up in my bedroom. I think it'd be cooler than heck to have one though. I think it would certainly bring a whole new aspect to foreplay!