Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Awards for the kids!

Our school does awards for the elementary school kids and call them Koality Awards. It's a spin off the word Quality and their mascot is a Koala bear. It's really cute to watch them get awards. They give them for things like perfect attendence, Koality Kid, Koality Reader, Koality Math, Koality Worker and so on.

I'm proud to brag that all 3 of my kids had perfect attendence for the whole school year!!! Yaaay! My 6th grader is in the middle school and they had an awards thing on Friday and got an award. Today was the one for the elementary school. They even do drawings for bicycles. A boy and a girl get a bike and then they draw one more for a CD/Walkman. Neither of mine got the bike but they BOTH got a CD/Walkman so I was proud for them. Being able to go to school every single day for the whole year is a major accomplishment. Baby Girl did it in both Kindegarten and first grade. My oldest did it this year and year before last and then Youngest boy made it this year.

How do I do it you may ask. Well here's the motto: If you aren't puking and you don't have a fever, you ARE going to school.

To give credit where credit is due: I'm blessed. I know it, God knows it and my kids know it. I have 3 very healthy kids. I don't take it for granted and I pray over them every night before I go to sleep and I thank God for their continued health. He blesses me and them daily.

And then there was one.

Saturday night Baby Girl spent the night at my brother and sister in law's house because my niece was having a slumber party. Her birthday was the next day so that night she had about 5 adolescent girls over to eat, party, make a mess, squeal and play in the water hose. Better them than me I say.

Oldest boy spent the night with his friend. That left Youngest Boy. He sure did feel left out. He tried to talk me into letting him spend the night with Grandma. However, Grandma lives next door to brother and sister in law. Well that wasn't going to work because he'd be right down there in the middle of all those squealing girls. He'd have loved that I'm sure but it just wasn't gonna happen. So we dropped off Oldest and headed to Wal-Mart. We bought the movie Bad News Bears, junk food, a pack of card games with Old Maid, Crazy Eights, War and Go Fish. We came home, put 2 twin mattresses on the folded out sofa bed popped in our movie and ate McDonald's in the living room. We even got up the next morning and ate cereal and chased it with an ice cream. He and I also walked down the driveway to get the Sunday paper.

We had a pretty good time together playing cards, pigging out, watchin TV and just hanging out. He thought that was more fun than going to Grandma's.

Dance Recital

Baby Girl has been in dance class for about a year and a half now. The first year she decided to take the cheer class because of a one day cheer camp that she had taken. So she did the cheer class and a recital and it was so cute. Then, right after the cheer class, she changed her class to the tap class. So, Thursday night was dress rehearsal and Friday night was the recital.

During the dress rehearsal there was a girl that got up and was doing some sort of dancing thing but she didn't seem to know the routine. But, I kept thinking that maybe without her partners she COULDN'T do some of the steps. However, I can assure you, they didn't know the steps either! So, on recital night, they were THE most embarrassing routine I've ever seen. As it turns out, the dance studio didn't do their routine, they were a part of a high school group that assured them that they had a good routine to do. I bet they verify that next time.

Anyhow, Baby Girl and her group did the cutest routine to Step In Time, the chimney sweep song from Mary Poppins. They had on the knickers with suspenders, a white shirt, bow tie and cap to top it all off. She did most of the steps quite well and I was very proud.

Now she wants to try jazz. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ho dog No More!!

So the health spa treatment was out and I took her to the cheaper place. The Mr wanted to know why on earth we were traveling 30 minutes away to take her to the vet when there was one in town just 10 minutes away. I said "$110". He understood.

At any rate, she is now a fixed woman! Does that keep her from trying to go visit poor little Paco down the driveway? NOOO! However, she can "visit" all she wants, he's firing into an empty canister.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Continuation of the Ho-Dog saga

Last night I got home late because I had a Family Night to go to. I go in and the kids are getting in bed. Where is the Mr you might ask? Sitting on the back patio cause he's pissed at the dog.

Normally, I take the kids AND the dog to my mom's in the morning. While the kids are in school the dog hangs out at mom's house. Well that's not possible in her current state. So, I left her in the garage and mom went by after the kids got out of school and they let her out to run around and potty. However, that's a really long time to "hold it" and she pooped in the garage. Not a big deal, nobody faults her for that. But, the Mr is sure faulting her for chewing up a strap on his bowflex. Ooooooooooooh he was mad at her. It's ok, he'll get over it.

Anyway, so the dog was in bed, I never saw her after I got home. So, I go to bed.

At 2:45 am this morning I get woke up. There is a dog, on my back patio and he's BARKING!!! For the love of all that is pure and holy I was pissed. The Mr opened the door and ran him off but by then I was mad and it was hard to go back to sleep. So, THIS time when I mentioned to the Mr....... at about 4 this morning........ that we should just get her fixed, he didn't seem to mind a bit. I called a vet in Oklahoma and they do it for $70 and the vet that I normally take her to will do it for $180. Why the price descrepancy you might ask? Hell if I know. I'm going to call the OK vet and ask their procedure because the normal vet said they get her in the morning, she gets knocked out, they do the surgery, she's in recovery for a while and hooked up to some sort of machine that she seemed to think it was important to tell me about, and she gets a shot for the pain before she goes home in the evening. I'm pretty sure the OK vet might not cater to their whims like a health spa and that's why they are cheaper and that's why everyone else that I know takes their animals there for their shots and to get them fixed. We'll see which one I choose but I need to make that phone call before the poor dog spends her last days locked in a garage. The Mr might take matters into his own hands if she chews up something else!

Monday, May 16, 2005

She's a dog in heat!

No, really, my dog is in heat.

She's a little over a year old, 60 lbs, yellow lab, very even temper, great with kids. Why shouldn't she have puppies right? Because, I DON'T WANT ANY!! That's why. However, little Paco down the road doesn't seem to care what I want. Neither does my lab, Ginger, for that matter. She's a little slut right now I'm tellin ya. She'd back up to a fence post right now.

Paco is the little chiwawa that lives in a house that's next to my driveway. Ok, I don't know that his name is Paco and I don't know how to spell chiwawa properly but I figure you get my meaning. Anyway, he's a tenacious little suiter that's for sure. We've chased him away several times. He has a healthy respect for my water hose at this point. Apparently he doesn't like to get wet but he's had a face full of water more than once this weekend. It's kinda funny. I'm crackin up right now but you just can't see it.

Paco isn't the only one interested in My Lady's Lovin. So far we've had a coyote in the back yard, Paco, a brown dog that came up through the pasture and 2 of Paco's friends. One of which is a short in the britches at HE is and one that is more her size. They are circling like VULTURES!! The little perverts!!

Now, laugh if you must at the thought of little Paco and 60 lbs of lab having puppies, we sure did. Labawawa's or chiladors would certainly be a site to behold. We thought of a canine resembling the dog on The Mask, I even speculated that it'd be the eqivalent of a canine platapus. Heck there'd be parts that just wouldn't know where to go!! Can you imagine a tiny dog with a labrador tail. Talk about the tail waggin the dog! Oh I was quite in stitches all weekend about it.

But don't understimate the power of amore'. We let her out yesterday and by the time we found Ginger she was laying in the grass with her Latino Lover trying to figure out which end was ........ closest.

She's not feeling so perky today though. She's spending the day locked up in the garage. The kids are going to go by after school and let her out to potty and such. I'm sure she'll have a fit of temper and chew up something to get back at my attempt to keep her waisteline thin.

The weekend

My weekend was pretty good. I don't guess I could complain too much. If I did nobody would listen anyway so I'll just keep it to myself. Maybe.

Friday wasn't bad. Kids to school, work out at the gym, tan, back home to handle mundane stuff like bills and a load or two of laundry, lunch at my favorite mexican food place, on to my beloved Wal-Mart for groceries, back home to unload, back to town to pick up kids from school and then to the mall to have all 3 kids get a hair cut.

Saturday we slept a bit later, work out at the gym, get Baby Girl ready for her dance pictures. I went to her room to clean off her desk earlier in the day and hadn't noticed it. However, I went in later and discovered that she had started, at some point in the last few weeks, to CARVE HER NAME INTO THE BRAND NEW MAPLE DESK THAT'S BUILT INTO HER ROOM!!!!!! Do I seem a little upset to you?? Well, I certainly seemed a little upset to HER too believe me. I'm not sure what possesses little people to do things of this nature. I've hammered (well not literally, although at times it would seem that a hammer might help "drive" the issue home a bit more. Drive... hehe I crack me up) Anyway, I've hammered into my kids that you only write on paper. This was to dispell any confusion that might arise when they are standing next to a wall with a writing utensil in their hand or, perhaps, as they stand next to a piece of furniture. But I'm assuming that her confusion over carving her name into the wood top of her beautiful maple desk with a mechanical pencil stemmed from the word CARVE. Maybe it doesn't compare, in her mind anyway, to the word WRITE. Since I've never had to tell them that the ONLY thing they might need to carve on would be a TREE she just didn't understand. However, I have repeatedly expressed my desire that the desks should be taken care of and not ........... tore up. Maybe she just didn't tie the two together. But believe me, she does now.

So, after pictures we came home, then went BACK up there for another dance practice. Last week's practice went much better. This week she actually turned to me several times, put her hands out to the side palms up and shrugged her shoulders mouthing the words to me "I don't know where I'm supposed to be". Well that's a fine kettle of fish to be in isn't it? She's only been practicing this dance routine for the better part of a year, the recital is less than a week away and she "doesn't know where she's supposed to be". Oh well, at least I know that $24 a month is wasted on someone who looks REALLY cute in an outfit resembling a chimney sweep. However, it actually is an outfit that a little boy would've worn in jolly ol' England. The pants are knee breeches, or knickers, if you will with straps that go over the shoulders like suspenders. They are black with pin stripes. The shirt is just a plaine white shirt, there's a bow tie, and the hat like a cabby's hat. You know, small bill on the front, kinda poofy on top. Anyway, it's cute. Money well spent I'm sure.

Cooked on on the grill Saturday evening. I love my patio. I cooked out on Sunday too. Texas weather is being really good to us so far this year.

So anyway, weekend was pretty darned good!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Beautiful Day in Texas

I figured out yesterday what I'd do if I won the lottery and didn't have to work anymore: I'd stay home.

Generally the weather in Texas swings to 2 extremes: Hot or Cold. However, there is a month or so at the beginning of summer and about 2 weeks at the end of summer that just can not be beat. Yesterday was one of those stellar days.

I actually took a day off yesterday because I had a comp day to take and knew that if I didn't take it now it'd be 2 weeks before I'd be able to. So, I got up, took the kids to school and came home. Then I proceeded to raise all the windows, watch Regis & Kelly, some HGTV, watered some plants, did a few loads of laundry and made my bed. I had also opened the 2 french doors that lead off of my living room out onto the back patio. There just wasn't a better place on earth to be sitting than on my couch as the breeze blew in through those 2 open doors. Then I walked out on to the back patio.

It was about 1:45 pm then. I looked around at the pasture, the trees, the blue skies and.... the lack of people. From my back patio you can't see anyone else. There is a hay barn waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away that you can barely see through the trees but that's it. Another important item of note is: nobody can see you either. That's when I proceeded into the house and put up my hair, grabbed my tanning oil and went back outside.

The saying "Location, location, location" comes to mind here because, let's face it, it really IS all about location when you think of your home. You may live in a gated community where you don't have to walk down the sidewalk to your neighbors house to borrow a cup of sugar. You can just lean out your kitchen window and knock on theirs and just pass the cup back and forth. Or, you can live in an apartment where you have no yard, no mowing to do and kids running around above your head at all hours of the night. You could also live in a house where you and the neighbor talk across your backyard fence with a cup of coffee in the morning. Not me. I live in a house where I can strip naked on my back patio and lay under the heat of the Texas sun and have no fear of a nosy neighbor staring at my big butt while I'm doing it! I'm still kicking myself for not doing that at 11 am because I had to leave at about 3 to pick up the kids from school and I still needed a shower. So I only got to enjoy my sunshine for all of 45 minutes. (I also turned the TV around so I could see it through the open patio doors so I was wathing HGTV while basking in the sun)

The moral of this story: Pick your home location carefully, win the lottery so you can enjoy it, clear the house of people occassionally so you can have some "me" time, and the best time to enjoy the sunshine is between the hours of 10 and 2!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day!!

My Mother's Day went quite well, thank you for asking.

Baby Girl came in bright and early at 7:30 to wake me up and wish me a Happy Mother's Day. She just couldn't contain it any longer. That's OK though, first thing in the morning lovins and sugars just can't be beat. She brought me her gifts. They were a picture of her taken by her teacher at school on Friday and a hand made paper tissue rose. Complete with a lime green stem and it even had leaves shaped on it. I was impressed. I had already known about the picture because when I went to pick her up from school on Friday one of her classmates was passing the pictures out to them. I seen some of them and the other kids were seated on a concrete block wall that was constructed around a tree that they planted on the school yard. However, Baby Girl doesn’t take normal sit-with-your-hands-folded-in-your-lap kind of pictures. Not MY little angel. She’s all posed and everything. She’s kind of sitting to the side, knee drawn up, hands on her knee with her head tilted toward her it. Her hair is flying in the wind to one side and she has the cutest little smile. She looks like a model.

So, it was time to go wake up her brothers cause she wanted to give me my OTHER present but Dad said they all had to be up first. Before she closed the bedroom door though, she said in a sweet little voice “Mom, you can stay in bed for as long as you like”. I thanked her for her benevolence and she shut the door. As I giggled about that the door flew back open because she had another announcement to make. “But Dad, you can get your lazy butt outta bed!” I cracked up. Dad, the poor man, said “Well, it sure ain’t FATHER’S day!”. I laughed even harder.

I took that opportunity to get out of bed. I had a breakfast date with the extended family ya know. The boys piled in and everyone was excited about giving me my gift. When Dad declared that it was time, Baby Girl dove under the bed like someone was after her to retrieve my gift. She handed it to Dad, who assured her that SHE could hand it to me because she asked first, so that he could tell me something first. It went something like this: “The kids picked this out themselves, it was their idea and they all 3 agreed on the item. They want you to know that they appreciate all of your time that you give to them and wanted to give you a little time back.” Then there was the passing of the gift and I got to open my box. It was a new watch. Not a Wal-Mart watch or a sports watch that is good to 200 feet ocean depth. But a REAL watch with real diamonds and no battery replacing. The no battery replacing is a good thing because I always take mine to Wal-Mart and they inevitably screw my watch up during the replacing. I think it’s beautiful and I appreciated it a lot.

Oldest boy ran to his room and brought me a gift he had made me. He’s been making these little fingerprint characters. He uses a pencil and runs it back and forth across a piece of paper until he gets enough in one spot. Then he presses his thumb down and gets the lead on it, then presses it on a paper and it makes his thumbprint. Then he draws them into characters like angels, harley riders, Abraham Lincoln and so on. So he’d brought me a piece of folded paper with 3 thumbprint characters on it an a poem inside. It said “For all the times you’ve washed and scrubbed my fingerprints away, I give you these to keep on Mother’s Day” It also had “PS Thanks for everything, I love you” at the bottom.

THAT’S when the tears came.

The rest of the day paled in comparison. Lunch at the feed trough otherwise knows as Golden Corral, give my mom her gift (I bought her a water fountain kit from Wal-Mart. She’s wanted some kind of water fountain for a long time), then off to the in-laws where the Mr gave his mom 2 flower pots (that’s what she wanted and these were really pretty. Mr picked them out himself), then home where Mr and I started laying out the plan for the back patio/outdoor kitchen area we hope to have in a few years, get kids ready for bed and fall in myself. A very nice day I must say.

Terry isn't the only luck one

We didn't start out going to Golden Corral but that's sure where we ended up.

The women of my family decided to go out for breakfast with all the reasons we're mothers in tow. So we decided to go to IHOP. Well as luck and bad management would have it, you can't reserve seats on Mother's Day at IHOP so we decided to chance it anyway. I get up there and we have to be put on a waiting list and, by the looks of it, we'd have been waiting on the list for a while. So, my cousin suggested GC. So, off we went.

The line wasn't bad and the food wasn't bad and they DID redecorate the place. But that doesn't change the "feeding trough" feel of the place now does it? You have 150 people in there, some of which should've been told that they are supposed to wear properly fitted clothes that are clean when they go out to eat. It was Mother's Day after all. And all those people want to get in the same line at the same time and everyone has to TOUCH everything.

I think I'd like to drop a note in their suggestion box that, along with the plates and silverware they hand out, they should also give you rubber gloves when you walk in the door. I'd personally like to hang that sign that reads "If you remove your gloves before you exit the establishment we are permitted to shoot you".

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Feeling Old

Terry notes that his 12 yr old boy is studying things from when TERRY was 12 years old and a few bloggers were relating their tales of oldness feeling, so here's mine.

Yesterday I went to the fitness club to tan. There was a young man there waiting to get into one of the beds. I didn't know he didn't have an appointment but had just signed in to tan. I, on the other hand, had an appointment. Therefore, I should've come first. The young lady in one of the tanning beds works at the club. She got out of the bed and cleaned it and put the young man in that one. The lady who works the front desk wasn't too happy with this occurance because she's a stickler for the rules and the rules state that I should've gone in first because I had the appointment. I didn't mind though because the other bed was going to open up in a minute or too. Anyway, the young lady that works there told the stickler lady that she was very sorry for putting him in the bed first but she thought I was the boy's MOTHER!!! To bring this into perspective, you have to be 16 to even work out there much less tan. So he was at least 16. That would've made ME 16 if I was, indeed, his mom.

I've decided that I don't like that young lady very much.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Good quality family time

Ever go shopping and then almost wish you could undo it? I kind of have that feeling. My mom and I went to a store that we've been to before and liked it. I still like it. Too much apparently. It's a Sam Moon's Trading Co store. It's basically run by a group of Asian folk and they have everything from purses, to jewely, hats, scarves, hair accessories, etc. Next door to them is an extension of their little dynasty and they sell luggage. And I'm always getting caught up in what their selling. I try to justify it by buying stuff for others. Usually around Christmas time. This round of excuses though involves upcoming children's birthdays and Mother's Day. Most of their stuff is very reasonably priced. Earrings for $3.50, watches for $10.50, some things for $1.00. So, you'd think I could get out of there for under a hundred bucks. Yeah, well, think again. I'd rather forget the whole expensive experience.

Saturday was an exciting day for the family. We got a DVR with our satellite service. I've discovered that, even though I might show up 15 minutes late for episode of Survivor, I'll never miss another second! I can REWIND it! Yep, I sure can. I can pause and rewind live TV. I can even skip the commercials! Holy Moly! I can ensure that I never miss an entire episode by recording it. I can tell that DVR that I want it to record every future episode of my beloved Survivor show no matter what channel it comes on and no matter what time it comes on. I don't know how they do it and I don't bloody care. I just know that I'm a much more relaxed person because of it! Now I don't have to rush home like my tailpipe is on fire. I don't have to rely on the Mr to get home before I do and start the VCR (because, let's face it, I've never learned how to program one of THOSE things) and I don't have to be upset about missing it and only being able to read about it on the internet the next day. I love modern technology!

Sunday was a good day. Me and Youngest boy went to Lowe's and to Wal-Mart and left the Mr getting soundly whipped by Baby Girl in a rousing game of Uno. Oldest spent the day in his room soaking up the newest technology craze that has brought satellite TV to the children's rooms. When we got back from the store, Youngest Boy and I joined in the card playing fun and proceeded to gang up on the Mr. Baby girl had touted the fun of making dear old dad draw 4, then 2, then 2 more, then 4 and on and on until he would collapse under the weight of such a large hand of cards. Therefore, Youngest Boy and I couldn't wait to try our luck at it. It was a blast. We attempted Skip Bo because I liked that game as a kid but didn't remember it being so blinkin complicated. Mr and I could do it but I'm afraid a 7 year old Baby Girl wouldn't like it at all. Then we played Yahtzee. That was fun and Baby Girl soundly whipped us all at that one. Youngest Boy gave up about 10 minutes into it so he wasn't much of a challenge for her. Although attempting to explain a large straight, a small straight and a full house to a 7 year old little girl presented quite the challenge for ME!

After playing card and dice games until 7:30 it was time to rush everyone through a bath and a snack before bed because we let things get away from us. I was standing outside at 9 pm watering my dang plants! Yep, we were running a bit late in our chores to say the least. But, quality family fun time is hard to come by these days so staying up late to give the plants a drink it certainly a small price to pay.