Thursday, April 28, 2005

Terry's Mattress Fiasco

Anyone that might read my blog probably reads Terry's too. Currently, I'm having problems posting things on his comment section and haven't figured out why. So, I have to comment HERE sometimes on things I see THERE while I'm at work because my firewall doesn't seem to like this comment section. Therefore I just have to suggest everyone read his Moron Project Update concerning his battle of the mattresses. I was at work when I read that and people thought I was nuts cause I just giggled for the rest of the day whenever I thought of it. Happy reading!

The NAME Thursday Three

1. What does your name mean—any connection to what you do or who you are?

Well this certainly raised interesting thoughts. I did a google search on the meaning of my first name: Kristina. I get back the response that it's of Greek origin and it means "follower of Christ". Another site says it's Slavic and means Christ Bearer. Yet another site says it's the Lithuanian version of Christine or Christina, meaning Christian.

I think it says a lot about who I am. I consider myself to be what some would call a Prayer Warrior. In other words: I pray a lot. I pray for all kinds of things, at all kinds of times, in all kinds of ways. I figure it's better than talking to myself. :)
2. Any problems with your name? Do you wish it (either your surname or given name) was changed ?
My surname is quite unique. I'm a descendant from the McCoy family. You know, of the Hatfields and McCoys. The 2 clans that fought each other. But it's spelled quite weird. Caughey. It's pronounced by everyone in a number of ways but it's correct pronunciation is Coy. Growing up I always wanted to change it because nobody could pronounce it and I hated that. Now that I'm married and it's different and easier to pronounce I kinda miss the old name. It was interesting and had quite the history.
3. Were you named for someone? If so, whom?
Not that I know of.
AND, in order to satisfy Jim’s insatiable need to supply MORE than three questions--
4. Do you go by your first name, middle name, shortened form--(ex. Jim for James)--or by some made-up nickname?

I go by Tina instead of Kristina. My made up nickname is Mom/Mommy/Mama and the Momster. I'm quite proud of those nicknames. I worked hard to earn them.

Health Clubs

Back when I was young and unpudgy, I joined a health club. I worked out like 6 days a week, walked around in sports bras in public and wore it well. I even wore a bikini to the beach that year. That fall I got pregnant and fat and lazy. So I never went back. However, when you join a health club and agree to pay $32 a month for 2 years......... they don't really care if you show up or not. They want their $32 a month.

Now, you'd think I would've learned from such an experience. Well, think again!

A couple of weeks ago a health club in town called me and in a boring, "I don't really wanna call you but my boss had this bright idea that it'd sell memberships" voice I was informed that I had "won" a free trial membership to the health club. They proceeded to ask me my name and stuff and schedule me for an appointment to come in and discuss my newly won prize. My first reaction was "Nope, I'm not getting roped into this mess." But, for some reason known only to God, I decided to check it out and I scheduled the appointment. They also said I could bring a friend and they'd get the same deal I got. So, I threw my mom under that sales bus and made her go with me.

Mom, you see, had a quadruple bypass about 14 months ago. She never underwent any physical therapy and I figured she could use some exercise. I also figured that if I needed to do this, I'd need a partner so I wouldn't get bored with it. I could also use her as an excuse as to why I needed to go. So, off we went.

The little helper guy was very helpful, as his description might imply. He was able to show us around: the pool, the machines, the tanning bed, the workout rooms, etc. It's not a Bally's or anything but it's a cool little facility. Not much to it. But certainly adequate.

Since I paid $32 a month for my previous membership and here it is 12 years later I figured they'd charge about $75 a month. Nope, I get the run of the place for a whopping $39 a month. Not too shabby. So, I bit the bullet and signed up for 16 months of physical torture or, at the very least, a monetary commitment. Besides, I'm tired of being pudgy.

Last night was our first workout. It went very well I must say. You get a personal trainer the first few times you come and then they are there whenever you need them thereafter. Beefcake guy was very helpful and quite funny as well. The machines aren't hard to operate and he let me have the remote control for the TV so I thought I did pretty well. We did 15 minutes on the stationary bike and then worked on the machines for 30 minutes. A nice well rounded routine.

Mom did good too. She skipped one machine because she didn't think her bum knee would handle it very well and I told her she was missing out because that one would give her a J Lo butt. The butterfly machine was the one I told her would give her big boobs. I think Beefcake thought I was insane.

All in all it was productive and I told mom she should feel empowered. I certainly did. I had told the children all about what I was doing and why. That way nobody would whine because mom was going to work out and not take them where they wanted to go or whatever. So, last night when I got home Youngest boy said the sweetest thing. Right out of the blue he said to me "Mom, I can even see the weight that you've lost". Awwwwwwwww!! Isn't he sweet?!?! I just went over and hugged him and told him what a sweetie he was for saying that to me. I didn't remind him, however, that the living room where I was standing was dark and that I'm now wondering if he may need glasses tho. No need to ruin the moment.

However, I ruined the whole affect. I hadn't eaten anything yet, by the time I got around to getting the kids in bed, the living room picked up and the dog in the house it was 9 pm. No time to fix myself something to eat and the Drumstick ice creams in the freezer were just a little to convenient. This one had vanilla ice cream with the caramel in the center. I guess I'll need to stop buying those so I won't be so tempted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My Secret Lunch Date!

WEll, OK, I haven't had my secret lunch date but I hope to today. Youngest boy and the entire 4th grade in our city are loading buses and joining the caravan to the Dallas Museum of Art. I work about a mile from there, or less, and will take the Dart train over there at around noon. I'm not gonna actually eat lunch with him but I will pop in and say howdy. I'll probably run into the gift shop and buy him something to remember his trip by. I can't stay long because I've organized a meeting at 1:30 and it's kinda sad to show up for your own meeting late so I'll have to hurry a bit but I think it'll work out fine.

I'm excited about it though. I don't get to go to many of their function that occur during the weekdays. Except their awards things they hold every six weeks. Those happen on Fridays so I get to go to those. Although, they have the last one of the year on a Wednesday because the kids get out of school for the summer on that Thursday. I'll have to take that day off and either work that Friday or just eat that day or something. I have a comp day coming to me so if I can hold off that long, I'll use it then. We'll see.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend happenings

Well I had a pretty good weekend. Nothing much to tell but for the 2 people that hit my site once a month they may need something to read so here goes.

Friday just didn't seem to last long enough. I got the kids off to school and then went over to the old house to try to get something accomplished. I decided I'd try the Mission Organization technique: Divide and Conquer. So, I got out several empty boxes, one for each room in the new house then started cleaning up the living room by placing items in their designated boxes. Using that strategy I was able to get part of the living room cleaned up. I also had a big outside trash can with big outside trash bags in it and am intent on using up plenty of those. I've decided that I'm not missing much of anything from the old house after 2 months without it so why the hell take it with me?!?!?

Then it was time to go to the health club. They had called earlier in the week and told me I had a free trail membership so I made an appointment. I could also take a guest so I took my mom. Now, going in I had already decided that I didn't need another monthly bill but something kept telling me that I needed to go, so I did. It's a pretty good setup. They have a good swimming pool, a nice clean bathroom area, roomy areas for the machines and so on. Plus they have tanning. I was thinking it'd cost in the area of $75 or up but it's actually on $40 a month so that wasn't so bad and I get access to everything they've got. I really wanted my mom to join because of her quadruple bypass surgery a year ago. She needs to be exercising regularly under some supervision. She agreed to do if I would so I got suckered into that extra bill anyway. We'll see how it works out. (No pun intended)

After a good UNhealthy meal at our favorite Mexican rest. it was time to have hot wax poured on my eyebrows and my flesh/hair ripped from my face. Having your brows done doesn't always seem like a good thing but I think my eyes are crooked so anything to help balance them out a bit is worth it. Then to get my nails done. This is an every 2 week ritual for me. I've been having my nails done for about 4 years now. They are my own nails but have acrylic over them so that I don't break them off constantly. I let them grow till they bug me and then I get them chopped down real short for a while. The polish stays on longer then on your bare nail and I like the funky colors. This, too, is worth the monthly bill. Besides, me and Ashley gossip like a couple of old ladies the whole time I'm there.

Then off to get the kids from school, quick trip to Lowe's and Wal-mart and then to home. Saturday was our last soccer games of the spring season. Oldest boy had his last weekend but Youngest boy had 2 this weekend. One was a make up game. That was the game he made his first goal!!! Man was I excited! He acted like he couldn't believe it went in. Both of his hands flew up and he held his head and then they all started high-fiving and the grin on his face was as big as Texas. I was so proud for him. They lost both games but we're used to that so no big deal. I'm still on cloud nine about the goal he made.
Then I went home and did something I haven't done in about 18 months. I sat down and read a book. I had been about 20 chapter into Dan Brown's book Digital Fortress (his books have a gazillion chapters) and I really wanted to just sit in the office in my recliner and read my book. So that's what I did. For about 5 hours. Man, that's livin!

Sunday was a bit busier. Up, laundry, laundry, laundry, get kids ready for soccer party, make grocery list, Mom & Father in law come over as I'm leaving, soccer party, Wal-Mart, home, unload groceries, laundry, chase kids to bath and bed, make our calendar for the week, make mine and Baby Girl's lunches for today and fall into bed myself.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope next weekend drags out or something. Even my Youngest Boy remarked that this year is just flying by. He's only 9 so I told him to wait till he gets older. The years seem to fly by at a much faster rate and the weekends are almost non existent!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Spring edition of the Thursday Three

1. Do you like to read one book at a time until you're finished, or multiple things at once?

I guess multiple things at once, depending on how you want to look at it. I like to get into a good book but when it's time to go sit in the home "Library" or "throne room" or whatever you call it in YOUR house... I like to read magazines or the paper. They're easier to put down so you can get back to your laundry, or dishes, or TV watchin.

2. Do you do your browsing at the library, or do you prefer going to retailers such as Barnes and Noble and glomming up free samples of the publishing arts, pretending you're actually going to buy something?
I haven't been to a library in about 6 years and I was only there to study for my Microsoft exams not to actually READ anything. I don't generally go to bookstores because I tend to buy oodles of books I don't read. I have to be looking for something specific to go to a bookstore. So, I generally pick up a book or magazine at Wal-Mart or Target.

3. Which do you prefer--hard cover, paperback, or online?
I prefer a good paperback. Hardcovers are more expensive so I only get one of those if the book it just off the presses and I can't wait for it to hit paper. Online is a pain in the butt. I have to agree with Terry: You're going to wander around the net. Besides it makes me sleepy to read that way. I'd rather curl up in the chair in the office or in the bed where I can have some peace and quiet and get comfy.
And a special bonus question (or else Jim has lost the ability to count):
4. What do you read most often?

I'm a sucker for a really well written SMUT novel. Yep. A good Judith McNaught book is definitely the way to escape this pain the ass world we live in. I've got her entire collection and have read them all many times. I'm also digging Dan Brown. He wrote nothing but pure blasphemy in the Da Vinci Code but it was still an intriguing story so now I'm reading his Digital Fortress. It's pretty interesting. Virginia Henley is also a good romance novelist. I've read her's many times too. I just can't seem to sit down and read informational books anymore. After working here for so many years my brain stops working on that level as soon as my feet hit the other side of the office door at 5 or 8 or 10 or whatever time I get to escape.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So much drama in our lives these days...

Do you find that that's true? It's not just being busy all the time that strikes me as much as the DRAMA all the time. 10 years ago it wasn't like this. I think the last time I experienced drama like this was when I was in high school but back then it came in spurts. You remember how it was: Your best friend and whomever they were dating had a fight, but by the next day it was all blown over. A few days later you hear about a friend of a friend who got in trouble with the law, but within a day or 2 they had talked their way out of it or everyone forgot about it. These days I experience drama every day, with multiple people.

Friday my daughter's robot was due at school. The 2 banks involved in my home closing were in a pissing contest as to who was supposed to pay the first year of insurance. Saturday the Mr's Granny fell down the back door steps and broke her arm and her hip, Sunday she had surgery, Monday a friend of mine told me her husband had finally made his mind up that he wanted a separation, today her other friend is in the hospital to have both her breasts removed because of breast cancer.

Well, maybe its not so much "drama" but life in general. I used to be able to come home from work, maybe cook dinner or maybe not, sit and relax and watch some TV. These days I don't sit down until I'm getting ready to swing my feet up and into the bed. So maybe it just seems like drama because the "busy" part of life dramatizes things a bit more. It makes them stand out more because we seem to have less time to deal with it all.

Then you have people who make mountains out of mole hills. Drama is drawn to them like magnets and if they don't have any sticking to them at any given moment they just create it and VIOLA! Chaos is restored!

Oh well. It builds character I suppose.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thursday 33333333333333!

Here are the questions:
1. What names would you suggest for the offspring of --Denise Richards and Chuckie (the Wildman) Sheen; Britney Spears and that guy; and Prince Charles and Camilla, Dutchess of Cornwall, formerly styled Mrs. Andrew Parker-Bowles, née Camilla Shand?

Well these aren't people I keep up with much so here's my lame attempt at naming.
Denise and Chuckie Sheen could always name it Duckie if it's a girl. I mean, we gotta get out of the celebrity fruitfest the stars are having with these poor kids' names. For Brit and the Kev... I think they should consider auctioning the right to name their child on Ebay or something. Those 2 twits are going to saddle that kid with a name that will only bring it shame down the road. Just look at her good buddy Esther... I mean Madonna. My suggestion would be something unassuming like Mary or John. Just so it won't be too obvious which parents that poor kid is getting saddled with. Then there's Charles and Camilla. That's a mental picture I certainly could've lived without but now it's too late now so I'd have to say something arristocratic like Edward or Stephanie. Although they could name it Diana. Wouldn't THAT be a scandal!!!

2. The inspiration for the next set of names comes to us by way of resident peregrine-watcher
Janis Gore from deep in the wilds of the Sportsman’s Paradise--to whit: what should be the names of the 3 (or 4) baby falcons born to San Francisco’s own George and Gracie? (You can click on the main website at UCSC and read all about them, or click here and see the most recent live image.)

Hmmmm to name a bird. How about Huey, Duey, Luey and Donald if there are 4.

3. Now, for the last one, I realize some of you have already made suggestions, but you’re just going to have to do it again. What is your suggestion for
Dave Helton’s new baby horsey?

Well Terry's suggestion for a celeb's kid might be closer to a name for a horse: Colt 45. But my choice would be Cat. For the tractor buff that Dave seems to be. Plus it's short and sweet. Just like the baby.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Being on call isn't much fun

I know they call it work for a reason, at least that's what my boss keeps telling me, but couldn't it be a little more fun? My job didn't USE to be this difficult so why does it have to be so difficult now? I just don't get it.

Take the on-call duties for example. Use to, when we were on call, the help desk was the only people that had our pager number and they got off work at 5. Hence, no after hours pages. Nowadays, we have a monitoring system that pages us at all hours of the night if a server's CPU spikes or too much memory is used. Trust me, at 2 am I couldn't care less if there's a CPU spike. It'll go down when that process gets done or I'll kill the process when I get to work in the morning.

We do a 2 week rotation. The Boss wants to make that a 1 week rotation and have a secondary on call person too. That way, TWO of us are getting woke up for stupid pages instead of just one. Wow! Why didn't I think of that??? ::rolling my eyes::

Also, we used to be able to tell people "Hey, we are rebooting this server at noon today, it'll be down for 10 minutes". Not anymore. Now, we have a maintenance window. Would you care to guess when that takes place? It's 1 am to 5 am on Sunday mornings. That's when my body thinks it should be sleeping so I'm confused as to why anyone would think that would be an acceptable time for a maintenance window. Why doesn't management think that people need to be told that the server is going to be down from say.... 1-5 Sunday AFTERNOON instead? I think that if someone is working during the hours of 1-5 on a Sunday afternoon they NEED someone to tell them to go get a life because they obviously lack one.

Besides, being on call for 2 weeks and having to put up with stupid crap like ill timed maintenance windows, pages at all hours and a lack of sleep makes Tex grumpy. Then everyone suffers so I don't know why they don't just do it MY way and save everyone some heartache.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I don't like Banks much these days..

And it's not just because they take my money. That's usually the reason people don't like banks I suppose. Nope, this is because of the fiasco surrounding my home closing process, the fact that they can't seem to operate a telephone and now they've sent me back my house payment.

Last week I called the bank to get them to tell me my account number and the address to send the payment to. I did this because, at the time, I didn't have the little coupon with me that came in the closing package. I pay my bills online so the thought of licking an envelope wasn't very appealing. So I needed to set them up in my online banking/bill pay thingy and thought they could just tell me. Well, getting the acct # didn't seem to be a problem but transferring me to people just completely bumfuddled them. I was hung up on... not once.... not twice... but THREE times. Finally I gave up and cursed them for a bunch of idiots. I waited till I got home, got the coupon, entered their info and paid my house payment. All done, right? Yeah right.

So yesterday, a check came in the mail. It's a bit confusing so I'm going to have to call them again. The check was from me to the bank. Now, it's not even the check that my bank sent to them so I'm completely lost as to why I have this in my possession. There was a yellow post it note attached that reads "This is not due to use Thx". What the hell does that mean???? Does it mean my payment isn't due yet? The coupon said it was due April 1st. The envelope that the check came in was from the bank that has my house note so it's not like MY bank sent it back to me.

I'm hoping there's a perfectly reasonable explanation to all of this because if those morons have made my house payment late.... my very FIRST house payment mind you.... I'm gonna be pretty ticked at these folks. We'll see how it turns out.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekend in Texas

Well it was good 3 days here in Texas. Friday, the weather was bad, it was kinda cool outside. However, up at 6:30, get kids up, take them to school, come home because the garage door fixing dude had to come fix the garage door. Every since we've moved into the house the garage door would have periodic fits of unopeningness. It would go up about 3 feet and then stop. We couldn't figure it out. It wasn't hanging on anything, and if you pushed the button to make it go down some and then push it again to make it go up, it would go all the way up without a hitch. Well, the Mr got the bright idea to have Oldest hold down the button that makes it go all the way up. That made it go up alright. It ripped the operator handle off the door!! So, garage door fixing dude had to pay us a little visit. So, he left and there I was in the very odd position of no place to go and the entire house all to myself. What was a girl to do??? Well, laundry of course, what were YOU thinkin?? So, I did some laundry and watched some TV and checked some email and then I went to Lowe's. I needed some potting soil and wanted to look around without being bombarded by questions from youngsters. Then it was off to pick up children from school, went to the garden type nursery to kill some time before Oldest's soccer practice. They have some pretty cool stuff out there and I managed to get out for only 20 bucks.

Then, while Oldest was in practice me and the two youngest went to Wal-Mart. Didn't get too much there, was just killin time really. Then pick up Oldest and kill more time until the Mr could meet us at my favorite mexican place. Garcias. Pretty good stuff.

Saturday was absolutely stunning. We were up again at 6:30 because Oldest had an 8 am soccer game. I thought it was going to be colder than crap so I wore under pants, undershirt, sweat pants and sweat shirt. I also had on a scarf, a coat and one of those bands that go around your head to keep your ears warm. Grandma even brought hot chocolate and we each had a blanket. By halftime I had managed to pull my arms into my sweatshirt and pull that undershirt off in a Hudini fashion and if I coulda figured out a way to come outta those underpants in the same way I would've! So I sweated out the last half and didn't drink any more hot chocolate.

Then off to home, where I promptly changed into a tank top and capri pants to start working in my yard. I levelled out the corner in front of the house, laid down my weed barrier, planted and mulched. I was fairly worn out by the time soccer game #2 came around at 3:30. However, it was a good game and the sunshine felt good. After the game we went home where I promptly appeared to try to burn down the house with the gas grill. Not to worry! It was just a bunch of grease and stuff in the burner area under the grates, nothing to see folks, please keep the line moving. The burgers were just a little flame broiled. After dinner was fixed we ate it on the back patio. I even put out the tablecloth, matching cups, plates, bowls and trays. The view off the patio is truly stunning at sunset and the burgers tasted extra good because of it.

Sunday dawned just as spectacular as Saturday but I laid in bed anyway. Mr worked so I didn't have him there picking on me about staying in bed all day and the kids were doing their own thing too so I just laid there. But, couldn't do that forever so I got up, did some laundry and other housework, and then laid out on the back patio for about an hour. The sun felt so good and the radio was on and I was lazy.

But, as life would have it, I couldn't lay there forever. So, I got up, got showered and we headed to soccer practice. This Sunday practice thing works well for me cause I usually don't get to go to practice because I get home so late. So, yesterday I went. It's at the high school track so while they are in the middle practicing Grandma and I can walk around the track. We did that for over an hour and managed to get in about 2 and 1/4 miles. Yes, my legs are killin me today!

Then it was back to Lowe's cause I needed more mulch and then to the In-Laws because she had a Crepe Mertle (or however you spell it) tree for me to dig up and take home to plant. So, we did that and went home, Mr brought pizza from Pizza Hut and the kids got ready for bed.

I went to bed at about 9:30 after slathering myself with lotion because as the night got later, I got redder! I'm a lobster in some parts and my face looks like a raccoon. If I met a pack of them in an alley they'd take me in as one of their own.

I went to bed and had just dozed off when work called at 10 pm. I tlked to them and told them what they should do and then I couldn't go back to sleep. I guess I dozed all night cause I'd wake up all the time and look at the clock. When it went off at 3:30 this morning I just wanted to be sick but I had to get up anyway. The boss isn't in today so it's certainly not a day for me to stay home. I reserve those day's for when he's in the office. :)