Monday, March 28, 2005

Mom the Referee

I think my kids have spent too much time together. I also think Oldest is getting a bit too big for his britches.

The playstation 2 is in his room at the moment. Although this morning I threatened to start putting in in Youngest Boy's room for a week and then alternating between the two. Seems that Oldest doesn't like to share much. Which leaves Youngest Boy at odds to entertain himself. So, he likes to sit in there and either bug Oldest, or try to get Oldest to share the PS2. This makes Oldest cranky. Which leads to much mouthiness and, apparenlty, some name calling.

I don't like the word "stupid" much. Especially when applied as a characteristic of a person. That's not to say that there aren't stupid people in the world, there's actually an overabundance of them in my opinion. However, none of them live in my house. I just won't allow it. Therefore, my children weren't even allowed to SAY that word for many years. Once they got older and I felt they could apply the word in the way it should be used, I allowed it's restricted use. However, when they apply that word to their siblings my head spins around and lasers shoot out of my eyeballs.

That's what happened this morning when Youngest Boy tried to get Oldest to play with him. He had probably been trying to entice Oldest away from the PS2 for quite some time. When nothing worked he tried to talk Oldest into playing Truth or Dare. As bad as that sounds it's not what I would've thought. However, I'll have to emplore a creative way to get them out of that habit. Anyway, Oldest declined to play. Youngest Boy then said something like "I dare you to cancel your mission". Referring to the game Oldest was playing. Oldest then told Youngest Boy that he was stupid. Ok, I'll grant you that when someone declines to play and then you continue on like ya'll ARE playing isn't the wisest course of action but when you're desperate you tend to make stretches you wouldn't normally make.

Therefore, the Referee had to step in and make many threats and some tears flowed but everyone lived through it. Oldest is now holed up in his room playing his game and Youngest Boy is now in the living room playing with his GI Joe's while Baby Girl sits next to him very much interested in cartoon network. Everyone is happy and the laser scorch marks will come off the walls with soap, water and a little elbow grease I'm sure.

Easter Sunday

Well Easter Sunday was a good day. A bit on the cold side but good nonetheless. We had it at my house this year since it's the bigger and we have a good pasture to hide eggs. Which meant that the majority of the cooking fell to me. Not a bad deal. We only had 18 people or so here. Not like Christmas or Thanksgiving so this was a good trial run.

I was able to back the cake on Friday and then on Saturday I cooked the brisket and pepper steak. I also decorated the cake that day. There's lots of things you can do early like set the tables, make the centerpieces, label the cups, organize your serving bowls, make the tea, bag some extra ice, and so on.

I like to set up a kids table. Some people think that it makes the kids feel "banished" from the adults but I set the table right next to the adults tables and I cover the kids table with craft paper and put out crayons. Then they can draw and color all over the table while they eat. They think it's cool and it keeps them at the table eating a bit longer because they don't feel like they are there just to eat cause that's boring when they'd rather be hunting eggs.

Speaking of eggs. I'm kind of a freak about it. When I was little those dang egg hunts just never lasted long enough. So, I tend to over buy my eggs. Which left us in a bit of a dilemma this year because my 3 decided they'd rather be hiders than hunters. So, if you add my 196 plastic eggs to those that were brought by everyone else you ended up with 300 eggs and a grand total of 4 kids hunting them. They were all under the age of 4. (the kids, not the eggs) Add that to the fact that Oldest interpreted "hide the eggs" to mean "fling them to kingdom come" and Youngest boy interpreted it as "pull up the grass, lay down the egg and cover it back up so nobody without an egg-detector can find it". Let's just say it was a long afternoon and there are still about 4 eggs out there waiting to be found. I'm just glad they aren't the real eggs and they aren't filled with money.

Mom came back for supper and we divied up the left overs, of which there were very few. By 8:30 I was firmly esconced in my bed, surround by pillows and floating in and out of an episode of Outdoor Kitchens on HGTV while enjoying the peace and quiet. By 9 I figured today would be a good day to take a vacation day. The kids are out of school and it's supposed to be about 74 degrees. I could've taken it tomorrow when it's going to 77 but then I'd have had to get up and take the kids to school so today was the much better day.

I don't plan on doing much. I am setting up a computer I bought from a friend at work, will wash those tablecloths and watch lots of TV. (If I can steal it from the kids, wish me luck).

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday 3!

Yes, I've been neglecting the TT but hey, I'm a busy woman... well ... MOST of the time anyway. So, here's mine:

1) What is the one thing that you love MOST about Spring?
I think I like the warmer weather most. I get sick of all the cold weather and, here in the gorgeous state of Texas anyway, spring signals warmer weather where you can get outside and enjoy life. Besides, Texas weather patterns make everything either GREEN or BROWN, and our GREEN doesn't last very long so we have to enjoy it while we can!

2) ASIDE FROM POLLEN AND TORNADOES, what is the one thing that you love LEAST about Spring?

In the past it's always been the rain that I enjoy the least. I personally am not afflicted with allergies and Tornadoes are just part of the territory around here. But, my parents have THE most HORRIBLE driveway known to man. It's 1600 ft long, full of holes that would swallow up a small car and when those holes fill up with rain they are full for 3 freakin weeks!! And that's if it DOESN'T rain another drop during those 3 freakin weeks. The yards flood and you can't walk to the truck without rubber boots and it's just awful. Now that I've moved and can park on the concrete outside the garage I might not totally detest the rain as I have in the past. I still have to drive the kids to my moms but I don't actually have to get out. So, now it's the KIDS that have to wear the rubber boots. :)

3) Name your single most favorite song, movie, play, book, painting, sculpture, etc., etc., with “spring” as part of the title.

Well, I can't think of one with a title in it, it's too early in the morning for such mind bending thoughts, but my favorite spring time artwork has to be the flowers that my kids usually draw for me at Mother's Day. (Hey! It's still springtime then so I can use this :p) I have one that is their handprint, one that is a flower with a picture in the middle of it, etc etc. They are usually accompanied by a sweet, bring tears to your eyes kind of poem too.
I also have a favorite spring pasttime. My kids usually get me flowers from the yard, or side of the road, or wherever they happen to find them. (although I did have to drill into their heads that Grandma's rose bushes are off limits!) They usually include things like dandilions, buttercups, sunflowers, indian paintbrushes and any other kind of wildflower they happen to pass in the yard. I have 3 tiny crystal vases that work perfectly for such thoughts as those.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Dentist story

Terry tells a way better dentist story than I do but his reminded me of mine. Or ours. Or whatever.

Anyway, last Thursday Baby Girl and I had our dentist appointments. It seems that Sugar Bites had invaded one of my teeth and 3 of hers. But since 2 of the teeth are on one side of her face and one tooth is on the other they can't do all 3 at the same time. So, that day we just did one of hers.

I schedule dentist appointments on Thursdays for 2 reasons: 1) the Mr is usually off that day and can take the kids and, therefore, it's not a necessity for me to take off work and 2) if it IS a necessity for me to take off work it's usually Survivor night and I'm, therefore, guaranteed to get home before it starts so I won't miss anything. It's a good deal all the way around I figure.

So I was on my way but didn't leave work in time to go all the way out to the house and get her (they were on spring break last week) and then get back to the dentist with us both. So, I had mentioned to the Mr earlier in the day that all that was a distinct probability and that he'd have to meet me up there with her. So, I started calling the house when I left work at 2 pm. No answer. I called his cell phone, it went to voice mail. So I kept calling. I figured that they were all outside, since it was such a beautiful day and all. I tried calling every few minutes with the same results. I even called my moms thinking that the Mr and the kids had gone to the old house to get some things, but no, that wasn't the case either. At one point I was even YELLING VERY LOUDLY INTO THE ANSWERING MACHINE hoping they'd hear me and answer it. To no avail. So, I called the dentist office to see if they were running late so that I'd have time to go get Babykins. How surprised I was when they informed me that they were ALREADY THERE!! I, therefore, informed the Mr that he is not allowed to EVER pester me about not answering MY cell phone when he couldn't even remember to carry HIS when he left the house!

So, Babykins was already back in the chair being prepped for gas. Her face is so tiny that the mask just doesn't fit right. But, with some well placed gauze all rolled up, it managed to fit well enough for her to feel good while still being able to see the tv mounted on the wall playing cartoons.

Dentist Man is quite the character. How he manages to actually count the teeth accurately while still counting out loud in this manner: 2, 6, 9, 24, 16, 8....... is just beyond me. But the kids think its funny and he honks loudly when he squeezes their nose so who am I to judge his strange perception of the new math?

Dentist Man swabbed on the numbing gel and waited a few minutes before giving her a shot in the gums. I watched her hands carefully. They were folded loosely on her tummy and never even once tensed up so I knew she wasn't feeling a thing. She's such a pro.

While he was drilling and filling on Babykins it was my turn to be prepped for gas. Now, let's not be confused: I'm the wimp. I want the gas turned up loud and proud and I wanna be as close to comatose as he'll let me get. Therefore, when she puts the mask on I begin to greedily suck the air in through my nose and out through my mouth. I don't wanna breathe back into the mask and fill it up with useless outbreath because it might interfere with the good gas that I'm about to try to suck back in through my nose. After a few breaths like that I was informed it wasn't turned on yet. OK, I'll just breathe normal then until he gets in here to turn up the juice.

My thoughts on the whole process is that if I feel a twinge but act like it's a spike being driven through my face he'll figure I'm feeling something and give me extra to shut me up. Which he does I suppose because I'm soon floating on a breeze and numb as a rock. Drill. Fill. Give her some oxygen to revive her and VOILA! Tooth is filled. Babykins has been sitting next to me with her eyes glued to the cartoons in MY room while all this is going on and she's cool as a cucumber. The assistant even said that if all their little patients were as good as her they'd be in business!

A little over $100 and we're out the door. Later that evening and the next day Baby Girl was complaining about her face hurting on that side a little. She said that when they put that gel stuff in there they scratched her gums. "Yep, sweetie, I'm sure they did. It'll stop being sore in a bit though". I'll let her live in blissful ignorance about that 6 inch needle they shove up your gums for as long as she can. No use worrying the bravest little patient on the planet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Not a normal sighting on a hwy

This story reminded me of one my cousin told me a couple of years ago.

She lives next door to a game farm. The guy that owns it has a lotta money and gets big game from New Zealand and puts on his farm. The rich guys from Dallas and around the country that don't wanna travel half way around the world can spend about 60 grand or so to come out and kill them. Real sport, eh? Anyway, one night she's driving down the 2 lane country road that dead ends right into the game farm. Her house sits right next to it. So anyway, she's headed home and it's dark. She drives a big, black, 4 wheel drive dually. She looks up and sees something coming towards her in the other lane. Now, it's far off and it's dark outside so she can't really see what it is, but as she gets closer she decides that it's a cow or something. She slows down. The "cow" keeps right on trotting and is getting closer in her headlights but is still in it's own lane. She slows down some more, no use creaming that thing all over her bumper if it decides to swerve. The "cow" is still a coming right along and it's getting bigger! She slows down to a crawl now, making sure nobody's coming up in behind her or anything, no headlights of any sort. So, she stops. As "it" gets closer my cousin realizes that it's certainly not a cow..... it's an ELK! And it runs right past her! Like it's the most normal thing in the world for it to be running down the road, staying in it's own lane like a nice beast and minding it's own business. There sits my cousin, in her big, black, Ford truck. Stopped in the middle of the road watching this ELK trotting away in the reflection of her break lights.

I just cracked up!

He's had several escape from down there. He's about 15 miles from city limits but he's had a few elk get all the way up to town before they were spotted. It hasn't happened in a looooong time though so I guess he's keeping a better eye on his fences. I like going down there to the area just to look around. He's got some pretty massive bull Elk in there with some big O racks on their heads. He's got zebra and deer and other stuff to but the bull elk are the most impressive things I've seen in there so far.

My new house is about 2 or 3 miles from there so if any more rogue beasties get in my area I'll snap some pictures and post 'em. Assuming, that is, that I'm not racing one down the highway or anything.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

House signing is finally complete! I think

I didn't post on this yet but last Friday we finally got to sign papers on the house. After some more foolery of course. It's not like they can make it easy or anything.

So our appointment was at 2 pm. As usual I had made my round of calls all morning to bankers and such and never got my calls returned so I waltzed in the title office at 2 pm like a naive little person, ready to sign my life away. Only to be told that the documents hadn't arrived yet. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but a bank/mortgage company that WANTS you to sign on the dotted line usually provides you with a dotted line of some sort to sign right? Right? Is that so much to ask? I didn't think so. So, again with the round of phone calls. While I'm calling HIM, he's calling the title company to tell them that the lawyers had the numbers wrong and that they are fixing them and the paperwork will be there in 45 minutes. However, the title company had a closing at 3 and couldn't get back to me by 4. Noooooooooo problem says HIM, that's plenty of time to get the docs emailed over, 4 it is.

So, off we go to the mom in law's house to hang out while we wait instead of going all the way out of town to the house to unload the 2 trees, 2 rose bushes, mulch, potting soil and storage building we'd gotten at Lowe's that morning. We hung out until time to go get the kids at school and then me and the mom in law did that. When I got back I called the title company, JUST in case, cause you never know. The paper work might've not arrived, or it got lost, or tiny martians might've snuck in and stole them. These things happen. Well, wouldn't you just know it, those pesky papers hadn't arrived yet AGAIN. So, back into the world of phone calls. This time I called the bank instead of HIS cell phone and told them what was going on. I said that I wanted to speak to a LIVE BODY, NOT a voice mail. So they get sweet, naive Kelly who informs me that HE is on the phone with a someone that is HIS boss and that he'll call me back. To which I reply "No, he won't. HE never calls me back and I want something done about this NOW". She puts me on hold and must've spoken to HIM cause she said "HE's calling you right now". So I hang up and he calls and says that the lawyers sent the paperwork via email 10 minutes ago. I called the title company and STILL they aren't there. So I finally get the lawyers and the title company together only to find out they were sending them to the WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS!

Then, to top off all that fiasco, they send the entire closing package instead of the 7 or 8 page modification (to modify it from a construction loan to a permanent loan) and they don't send her instructions on how to collect the money to get the escrow account started so she didn't know if I was supposed to pay that amount of it the bank had rolled it in. They were supposed to roll it in but I don't know who is supposed to pay for the survey so I might still have to pay something but I'm not sure how much. But, after all that crap, the papers are finally signed and I won't have to do anything else except make the payment and live happily ever after. FINALLY!

Ever run out of gas?

And no I don't mean in your car.

About 2 days ago I asked the Mr to go out to the propane tank and check to see how much gas was left in it. His comment was "Ohhh it'll be OK. We haven't used up that 100 gallons already".

See, in our OLD house we had a 500 gal tank, this one is a 250. The reasoning behind this is because a NEW 500 gal tank would cost more to rent because their pricing has gone up. However, I didn't want to put the old tank over there just yet because the old house still needs heat and hot water to clean it up and work on it until I can sell it. So I just had them put the 250 gal tank at the new house and when I'm done at the old house I only have to pay so many times for them to set tanks and swap tanks and so on. So anyway, I think the Mr is used to having that larger tank and it lasting longer.

Therefore, last night at about 8 pm we realize we are out of propane. Uuuuuggggghhhhhh!!! I was not a happy camper. Neither was the Mr when he had to drive back to the old house to get the 2 portable electric heaters from the storage shed. The worst part of that little 10 minute trip is the driveway to the old house. It has pot holes big enough to swallow a small car and not even cough up a bumper. It's awful. Even the UPS man hates to drive down there and was sooooooooo very glad to see us move. So glad, in fact, that when he found out where the new house was he started dropping off our packages there before we even moved in!

But Mr got over it, seeing as how I TOLD him about this the other day. The house was well warmed by those little heaters and I didn't freeze my butt off while getting ready for work this morning. Although a shower would've been nice. (no hot water dontcha know)

A sad day for country music

Chris will be sorely missed by country music fans all over the world. I didn't know him as a rodeo cowboy, although he did attend rodeo's in Denison where I live. But I did know his music and it was plain good stuff.

My heart goes out to his family. They are in my prayers.

Monday, March 07, 2005

And he scores!!!!

Oldest made a goal!!! His team won their first soccer game of the season (this is game #3) and they won it 3 to zip. Oldest boy made the second goal and I was on my feet hollering and clapping and it was just a great moment.

My mom said I shoulda had my camera with me but there wouldn't have been any point in that cause I woulda still been hollerin and clappin not pointin and shootin.

Anyway, he was excited and just almost didn't know how to react when it went in. Then up went both hands and after a jump or two he was done celebrating. I was just so proud of him.

He also almost made a second goal but the ball bounced off the goalie's leg and didn't go in. But let the record show... the goalie didn't CATCH it... it bounced off his leg! So, a great attempt nevertheless for Oldest and an excited moment for me: MOM!

Their team had the parents more fired up than we've been all season. I even asked the group if they thought the referee could call us for excessive celebration. Although, it was all done in good taste, we never gloat or goad the other team. As a matter of fact, when it was over with, I went to one of the girls on the other team to let her know what a good game she played. I told her that I wanted her to know that all the parents on OUR team were talking about her in the stands and that she should be proud of the way she played. She wasn't afraid to jump right in the big middle of the boys and she went after the ball like she was supposed to and she played an agressive game. She seemed to be pleased with the praise and I was sure happy to give it.

No practice or ball games or dance class this week for my guys and little gal though.. Spring break and all ya know. I think I need 3 weeks vacation now instead of having to wait until 5 years of service is complete. I need 1 week for spring break, 1 week for summer activities and 1 week for Christmas. I think that would space me out enough to make it through the year without going completely insane.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Denise and Charlie are Splitting

Not that I know them personally or anything. I just think it's sad. They made such a cute couple and after Charlie's past history with call girls, drugs and no telling what else..... I thought maybe this was his chance to really keep it together. Not that the breakup is HIS fault, I'm sure they both have their issues.

I'm a big fan of his show "Two and a Half Men". I laugh like a fool for the entire 30 minutes. I've seen the episode with Denise and their daughter Sam. It wasn't one of my favorites though because you lose that sense of "realness" because you know they're married in real life. Usually when you get really INto a show you tend to forget about "real" life for a while and just live in the moment of television-ness. But that's hard to do when you see the guy trying to pick up the girl in the cafe' and you know darn well they're married with a baby. If all that makes sense then I'm sure you're more awake than I am this morning.

Anyway, I just thought I'd comment on it. I wish them both all the luck in the world and hope, for the kids sake, that they can work it out. At the very least maybe they will focus on the fact that most divorces hurt the kids more than the parents and therefore make it as easy as possible for little Sam (and the unborn one). The worst thing parents can do in a divorce is use the children against the Ex and say things in front of the child that is best left between adults ya know.