Monday, February 28, 2005

Yet another housing delay...

Well, the paper work is still delayed! However, since I'm actually living IN the house and the delay isn't costing me anything...... I don't really care much. The screw up was on the bank/mortgage company side so it's not my fault and they can't make me pay for it.

At the beginning of this whole fiasco.... a YEAR ago.... they had told me that a survey was done and another one would need to be done when the house was finished. I knew already that a survey had been done because I'm the one that showed it to them. It shows where the land is and it's shape and the longitude and latitude of the thing. Now they need one that says "X marks the spot where the house is". Of course, I didn't find all this out until........

Well, let me start with Wednesday. That's the day that I told the boss that I was taking off work on Thursday so I could close on the house. No problem. However, when I was on my way home, the mortgage co. and I were having an arguement about whether or not they could roll in the closing costs. 2 weeks ago they told me they could if I came in under budget enough to cover it. Which I did. I had paid for a couple of high priced items out of my own pocket but didn't claim them on the budget so that I could come in under. If I'd have thought they were going to make me pay the closing I would've claimed those items and then just put the money towards the closing. I told them that 2 weeks ago too. Hence the arguement. So, on my way home on Wednesday they told me that we wouldn't close on Thursday because they had to run it up the chain of command and get it approved to roll it in. OK, but I took off Thursday anyway because I already had it in my head that I wasn't going to have to get up at 3:30 am and I just couldn't back myself outta that!

Thursday was an OK day. The mortgage company called at 11 am and said "OK, we're rolling it in, we're closing on Fri at noon, be at the title company". So, I say "no problem, but I want to know exactly how much my house payment is going to be". They say "OK, we'll call you at about 3". Well 3 came and went and no phone call. Suprise, Suprise. So I called them until 5:30 and nobody called me back.

Friday, I start in on calling them at 8:30. I called all 3 banks involved and left messages throughout the morning to no avail. Finally at noon I waltz into the title company like I have a reason to be there, only to be informed that my appointment was cancelled because.......... you guessed it...... THE BANK DIDN'T HAVE THE SURVEY!!!!!!!!!!! Man! I coulda spit nails! And we ain't talkin the fingernail kinda nails.

So the next 30 minutes found me sitting in the title company parking lot making calls. While I was going up the chain of command myself, I get a voice mail from Mortgage Man. He apologizes up one side and down the other for not returning my calls, he was out all morning at a Dr appt with his pregnant wife who is due on Tuesday. However, he wanted to let me know that the both the bank and the mortgage company thought the OTHER one had provisioned the survey and in fact nobody did. Since it was their fault and not mine, they'd hold the interest as of the 24th, and it get the survey done, and it wouldn't cost me anything. He also told me how much my house payment would be and that turned out to be $100 less than it was when he spoke to me the week before about it. Therefore, I felt I could get over the fact that he didn't return my phone calls but I did let him know that I was pissed about that AND that I was done trying to accomodate them. From now on if they wanted those papers signed they could work around MY schedule. I'm off on Fridays. I also let him know that if I wasn't already living in the house and was having to wait on them that things would've gotten very ugly, very fast. But since I'm already in and it's not costing me anything I can afford to let them stew in their own stupid mistakes.

Monday, February 21, 2005

We're finally in the new house!!!! Yaaay!!

Well, it's finally happened! The house is as complete as I could stand for it to be and we're moved/moving in!!

The paperwork was a bit on the delayed side because the builder had not made his final draw so we had to postpone the paperwork. I was dissapointed because I thought the bank would make me wait until the papers were signed before I could move in. However, they told me to "go ahead, knock yourself out. It's your house and you've been making interest payments on it, move in if you want". So that's exactly what we did! Well, we aren't done yet. The luxery of still having the old house in your possession and it sits on your parent's land is that you can take as much time as you want to move without someone breathing down your neck to get it outta their way.

So, Friday night was the first night in the new house. All we had was our matteresses at that point but that was OK. The kids all piled into the same room with their mattereses and the dog and slept all together. I knew that'd happen though cause when I was kid I didn't wanna sleep by MYself in a new house either. But by Saturday night they were completely OK with occupying their own domains. I think the child that shocked me the most was Middle Boy. He has always been afraid of the dark, didn't want the door closed, leave the bathroom door open with the light on kinda kid. He and Oldest have always shared a bedroom so even if Oldest got up to go to the bathroom or get a drink Middle boy would get up and come in there too so he wouldn't have to stay in the bedroom alone with no light on. So, on the second night, he stayed in his room ALONE!! Now, granted, the closet light was on and the door was open but we'll take what we can get. So LAST night he had his bedroom door shut (so the dog wouldn't get out because the dog sleeps with him.. they are attached at the hip) but the closet door was still cracked with the light on. But, that's progress.

The house is incredible. More stunning than I could've ever hoped for. I've always thought of myself as someone that COULD have a house like this but would never be able to manage it. I figured I'd always live in a trailer house, next door to my Mom, with junk cars in the driveway. Now here I am, in this beautiful home, my absolute dream house. I just hope I don't do anything to screw it up. I plan to pray extensively for the guidence of God to make sure I'm never so much as a day late on that payment and that no extenuating circumstance interfere with my ability to make that payment!

I'll have to post some more pictures soon so that I can show the colors in this house. My builder was really suprised because he's never had someone use the kind of color we did. Normally people just build the house with one or two colors throughout and then change them down the road when they get inspired but I just couldn't wait so there is definately some color goin on.

Anyway, I'll stop sounding like an infomircial. I'm just so happy I couldn't hold it all in. :) Maybe to put a lid on all that happiness I should try to remember how much more stuff there is to MOVE still! :(

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thursday Three is here!

1) What was your first computer?

My fist computer was a Packard Bell that cost me about $2000. It only had a 1 GB hard drive and about 16 MB of RAM. For the first month and a half it was nothing but a glorified deck of cards. Solitaire was really the only thing I knew to do with it. UNTIL!!!! We got our first AOL CD in the mail offering us 15 free hours. The Mr loaded it up one night after I'd already gone to bed and was very happy to inform me the next morning that he'd discovered chat. Well it took us all of 3 days to burn that 15 hours and that was only because we had to work for a living and sleep the other 19 hours so we then devised ways around Microsoft's "30 days for free" program where we just created new ID's for 6 months.

2) What is the worst thing you ever encountered dealing with a computer? The threat of chat on a marriage. I've been through it twice now and although I'm a recovering chat addict and miss all my buds it's best to stay away from it I suppose. However, if I was a single person or had all the right planet alignment in my marriage it'd probably be OK.

3) What is your favorite piece of software? It's a simple Create - A - Card software from Hallmark. I love to make Greeting cards and other things like that and it's a very robust, simple to use product that serves my purposes quite well.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION!Our questions also said it would be nice if we could somehow work food into this. Given that he wanted to start a "Mac fight," whatever that is, let's ask this question:4) Big Mac or Whopper? Neither. I like the plain little single patty burger you get at McDonalds and the only thing I like on mine is mustard. But it has to be accompanied by some McDonalds french fries and a coke.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super Bowl Party!!

After our particularly pain in the ass of a weekend we settled in to watch the Super Bowl. The Mr isn't a sports fan, as a matter of fact he couldn't possibly care less. So he was off in the bedroom watching TV. I, on the other hand, was firmly entrenched in front of my big screen TV surrounded by kids rooting for the wrong team, my mom, my brother and his wife and kids.

Mom made chili and onion dip. I made fruit salad, salsa and had pistachios, chips, drinks and other stuff out for all to enjoy. The game was a lotta fun to watch but I thought I'd have to gag some kids. My boys have been eagles fans since the beginning of the season. The only reason I still let them live there is cause the law won't let me kick them out for such a reason but they are definitely on the verge of eviction if I ever find another good reason that the police won't object to! I mean seriously how can any red blooded Texan root for the Philadelphia Eagles. Their fans booed Santa Claus for crying out loud!!

Anyway, the team I wanted to win did and the team I wanted to lose did so I was able to sufficiently rub it in. And I took great pleasure in doing so. They'll never learn to not bet against me when it comes to football but that's OK, I like winning. :)

House Saga

Then we have the ongoing saga of the house. We were hoping to be done last week but that was not to be. We had the propane tank set up on Friday but they couldn't turn on the gas because there was a leak. The builder called the plumber to come check the lines but he was outta town I think so we thought we'd just cap off the appliances and turn on the heat and hot water heater. The gas man had supposedly tested those lines and they were OK. So the builder capped off the other ones and called the gas man back out. No dice, there was still a leak so we'd have to wait until Monday.
The whole deal with that is that we wanted the heat on so the carpet would relax more and therefore stretch properly. But we had to wait until Monday so the plumber could find the leak, it was in the fireplace line by the way, and he found it so the heat is on and the carpet will be finished today!! Hooorayy!
The mantel will go in today, the hole will be cut in the countertop today for the cook top and tomorrow the insulation will be blown into the attic. After that the only thing left is some touch ups and we'll be ready!!
Then the appraiser can do his thing and then we can start moving some stuff in. Hopefully I'll be signing the final papers by Friday the 18th!!

Busy Busy Week

Well this last week has been full of stress and issues and I'm glad things are back to semi-normal. Whatever that means.

Sunday, over a week ago now, I baked a cake in the shape of a heart for my mom and put it in the frig. Monday, I put the icing on it and wrote some words: Mom, Grandma and Best Friend. Tuesday, the plan was to get home from work and troop over to her house to surprise her with this cake because that was the day of her 1 year anniversary of her heart surgery. However, things didn't go quite as planned.

Instead, she called me at 3:35 am to tell me that the nursing home called to tell us that they'd had to take Granny to the ER because she was having some respiratory distress. Well it didn't take me long to throw on some clothes and pick up mom on the way out of the driveway and head over to the hospital. We got there at 4. They wouldn't let us see her so that threw up red flags and set off the warning bells for sure. The Dr came out to tell us that things were not good. Granny had suffered another heart attack. This is her second one in a little over a month. Her first one happened on Dec 22nd. The prognosis on this one was bad, they told us. They let us go back and they had her on a ventilator because she had fluid around her heart and on her lungs so she was in congestive heart failure.

Now, MY opinion on life support was expressed last month and as long as I don't think they are harming her in any way then I'll let my family have their way on this. HOWEVER, should it come down to it, and I think they are taking away her quality of life, we are going to have a serious conversation. My personal opinion is that if the only thing standing between me and Jesus is a machine......... TURN IF OFF!! Like NOW!! But, Granny's already expressed her desire to live as long as she can so I fully respect that wish. So, she stayed on the ventilator until Thursday.
That morning they had the intention of trying to remove the tube, but she has to pass a set of tests before they'll remove it. They wanted her to be able to take a deep breath, cough and so on. But she couldn't so they said they'd leave it in. They did stop the sedation medication tho so she was awake a little bit and could respond to commands. Well that evening we were all going in and out visiting her and my cousin said she'd reached up with her thumb to scratch her chin. I told her then that she'd pull that tube out. See, she's been in restraints since they had her in ER to keep her from messing with that tube so the nurse assured my cousin she wouldn't be able to reach it. I begged to differ. Hell's bells I watched her squirm around in that bed until she'd moved herself down in it. And sure enough, we hadn't been gone 5 minutes and she had reached up and pulled out her own ventilator tube! Then, according the nurse, she grinned from ear to ear. Yep, she's a heifer, that one. You gotta watch her.

So, they decided to leave the tube out since she was breathing on her own OK without the tube. Friday they moved her out of ICU and into her own room. Since then she's been doing ok physically. No more lung congestion, she's talking and eating but her heart is only operating at 20% so it's just a matter of time before another attack occurs.

She's a little confused though. I think she's having a bit of dementia. The brought her supper the other day and she was convinced the mashed potatoes had bones in it. She asked 10 times in 5 minutes what the food was on her plate. And this same woman that always wants someone to spend the night at the hospital with her told me it was OK for me to leave, she didn't mind being up there. The next day she said to me "Did you know I don't have a cook stove anymore?" She's been in a nursing home for 2 and 1/2 years!! Of course she doesn't have a cook stove! Then she kept asking about "people coming in and out of her house" and she wanted to know how many people were in the room with her. (she has one room mate in there) Anyway, I'm hoping that once she is back in the familiar surroundings of the nursing home that she'll come back around.