Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Thursday Three!

1) Of all animals, what is your absolute favorite one to eat? (Since we have covered something akin to this in other questions, we add this proviso: ASIDE FROM HICKORY-SMOKED PORK.)

Hmmmm. I have to say Turkey. I think it's more of an emotional attachment than a culinary one. I associate Turkey with Thanksgiving Day (which also brings to mind my favorite day of the year: The Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Spree!!!) and Christmas Day. Those are usually the only days of the year that I partake extensively of Turkey and it can't be eaten without my mom's awesome dressing. I also associate Turkey with state fairs and county fairs cause you get to munch on a really huge smoked turkey leg at those events. So with the gathering of family for the holidays and the cool fun of the fairs, Turkey is a constant and is, therefore, associated with a lot of great days of my life.

2) What is the most number of pets/livestock you have ever had at one time?

5 animals at once. During my senior year of highschool I had 2 show steers, 2 dogs, and my brothers pig that he couldn't show himself because his grades weren't high enough so I had to do it.

3) Which of your pets is, or has been, your very most favorite?

Butch. I got him while I lived in Virginia. I had him for about 5 years. He was MY first real pet. Butch was a cockerspaniel/poodle mix and he was the best dog ever. He slept in my bed and followed me everywhere. When my dad was in Florida training for 6 months (a school thing he did in the army) we moved back home to Texas during that time. We didn't have a fence for Butch yet and so we just kinda kept an eye on him when we let him out to do his business. Well, during my first week of school, the bus dropped me off at the house and he didn't come to meet me. So I asked my mom about him and she had a really sad look on her face and said "you didn't see him when the bus drove down the road?" Instantly I knew he'd gotten out on the road and been hit. I ran down the shoulder of the road, tears streaming down my face, and found him on the side in the grass. I picked him up and carried him home so we could bury him. I cried for days and have never been so attached to another animal since.

Monday, January 17, 2005

It was a good weekend and the house is moving right along

Friday was a busy, busy day. Got up, took kids to school, went to a home type salvage yard in my, seemingly, never ending quest for a stainless steel, small, round bar sink. Those things are easy to find if you wanna pay $400 for it. The salvage yard didn't have any of those but they seem to have an extensive selection of windows and floor tile stuff. If I ever need anything like that I'll have to check there if I'm in the mood to dig through things to find what I want. Anyway, after that it was on to Lowe's where I fell pray to my habitual shopping addiction. See, they are phasing out their "ready to go" furniture and swore that HQ was going to mark it at 70% off. Well they never did so the store took it upon themselves to mark it down to 50%. So the Mr went last Monday and bought a horrendous amount of stuff. Well when I went on Friday they had some left so I picked up a foot-stool, a side table and a couple of iron barstools with a nice suede seat on it. My mom was with me and happened to pick herself up a few items as well and one happened to be an 84 inch tall bookcase. Getting that sucker in the tahoe took a little work and the result was me sitting about 5 inches from the steering wheel so the drive home left quite a bit to be desired let me tell ya!

After a little lunch and then unloading that stuff at the house, that would be the current house not the new one cause they won't let me move anything into the new one yet, it was off to my nail appointment where I chose a very nice light pink color. :)

Then picked up the children from school and headed to Home Depot where I caved and paid $200 for a stainless steel bar sink. I would've preferred the one at Lowe's cause it was 13 inches instead of the 15 inch one I settled on because the one from Lowe's would've taken 2 blinkin weeks to get here. I ain't got that kinda time.

Out to the new house where I got to examine my extremely blue floor in the children's bathroom. That's the slickest lookin floor I've ever seen! The dude is out there today fixing the original floors cause they didn't turn out right (that's a novel in and of itself that's just too much of a pain in the butt to recite. Suffice it to say they didn't turn out well and now that the dude is out of drug rehab he's going to try to fix it. Nuff said!), and he's going to seal the blue floor. It's cobalt blue and kinda reminds me of a Vanish toilet bowl pellet that you drop in the tank. It's VERY BLUE! You can see where I got the idea on Kemiko's website.

Anyway, on Saturday we had all kinds of things to accomplish including, but not limited to, soccer sign ups for the boys, laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, buying brakes and rotors for my truck, dropping the children off at in-laws to spend the night and more laundry. Sunday was filled with yet more laundry, going to a different O'Reiley's auto store to buy the RIGHT brakes because the dude gave me rear rotors but front brakes when I clearly asked for the rear ones, fixing of brakes and cooking supper so I didn't have to eat out again. It gets very old.

So, another busy weekend has flown by and now all I have to do is make it through my days at work until I get to another one. :)

Monday, January 10, 2005

My New 2nd favorite store!

Well, Ok, I admit that maybe there wasn't a well described favorite 2nd store to begin with but anyone who's ever met me will attest to the fact that my very well described favorite store of all time is Wal-Mart. (no comments from the haters out there please!)

So, I had to work half a day on Friday and miss Youngest Boy's awards ceremony that they have every 6 weeks at school because of a certain Canadian teammate of mine who happens to be stuck in Canada right now because he apparently didn't have the proper paperwork to get his behind BACK across the US/Canada border when he went over there for Christmas vacation! (Wow that's a long sentence. Can you tell how exasperated I am about this!?!?!)

So, work half a day, drive to Home Depot in McKinney to get a light that they didn't have at the HD in Sherman when we bought the original outdoor sconces, then home to pick up Grandma, then to the school to attend Baby Girl's awards ceremony where she was awarded for perfect attendance, Koality Kid (a play off Quality Kid) and A Honor Roll, get kids from that school, across town to pick up Oldest, then home to change clothes and pack for an overnight trip. Trust me this has all the makings of a Terry story in that kids were everywhere and I was trying to get them all ready and shoved into the vehicle without maiming anyone in the process. Or forgetting something. Or losing someone. Or pissing anyone off in general so we can have a pleasant trip. Needless to say: I didn't accomplish all of the above objectives.

First Youngest boy decides not to go. Oooooooooooookay then. He's going to stay home with Dad and work on the new house. A friend of Dad's is coming to help and has a 3 yr old son. Then Oldest Boy decides that he doesn't have clothes to take. So my question to that was

"Whatabout the clothes you washed last night? Didn't you wash the clothes that I told you to get for our trip?"
"Well no", the child replies, "I just grabbed some stuff and washed it. Can I wear what I've got on?"
"No!", is my adamant reply. "The sweatshirt is one that you wear as a jacket and probably hasn't been washed in a WEEK, and you can't wear the same pants 2 days in a row".

So, after much pouting and an excessive amount of attitude from an 11 yr old boy, he decided to stay with Dad too. However, after I pointed out to him that the only REAL reason he wanted to stay was because his brother was staying and that the other child that would be over at the new house is only 3 yrs old........ he decided going with me and having to wear clean clothes wasn't going to be so bad after all.

So, I decided to take the Mr's Tahoe instead of my pickup truck because it's more comfy for travel. Therefore, Mr was going to have to get all the tools out of it that he's been using to work on the house with. He took out the big stuff but left the little tools lying everywhere. Therefore our conversation went something like this:

"Uhhh, what about all this little stuff? Are you going to transfer it all to my truck?" I asked in an innocently prompting type way.
"No" was his reply. "Why do I need to take that out? What do you plan on buying anyway?"
"A BED for one thing, plus some other stuff". Was my exasperated-already-had-an-argument-with-boy-and-I'm-ready-to-go-now type of tone.
To which he proceeded to angrily grab a box and start tossing all that stuff into it in an I-don't-really-want-to-help-you-but-if-it'll-get-you-out-of-town-I'll-do-it type of manner.
While he's doing that, I'm trying to get the new DVD player with the 2 screens open and get them up so the kids can watch movies the whole trip. After wrestling with the packaging for about 10 minutes Mr also came over and set that up for me. Again, anything to get me outta his hair for bit. :)

So, I managed to piss off two people and lose one. All days can't be great ya know.
Off to Houston we go with Grandma as my copilot! So, after driving and hour and half to work, then an hour and a half home, I set out to drive 6 hours to Houston so I could go to a Furniture store. My mother in law says I'm crazy but I'm here to tell you it's not just ANY furniture store...... it's IKEA!!! I've never been to an IKEA but I've got their catalog and people at work have gone and I just couldn't wait! They are opening one in Frisco and that's about an hour and a half from my house but that's not until this summer and Oldest Boy needs his bed when we move into the new house. Plus they have just the coolest stuff and it's not expensive. A very nice combo indeed!

The ride down was uneventful, no bad weather, radar detector works like a charm, no problems. Only had to call the hotel twice and talk to a tow truck driver at a gas station once in order to get to the hotel but we made it. The clerk assured me that since I'm from Denison where the famous Katy Railroad stuff runs through town, the train that passes right outside my hotel window won't bother me a lick! They didn't put THAT undisclosed feature on their website! But, after all the festivities of the day it took me no time at all to fall asleep. Woke up on my own at 7:20 and the train blew it's whistle on the way by at about 7:30. Great timing!

Then it was on to IKEA where I had a beautiful shopping experience. 6 glorious hours of shopping till I dropped. The kids loved the place and had a blast picking out stuff for their new rooms. Oldest got a new bed, Baby Girl got this cool Egg Chair lookin thing, shelving units for both boys, lots of other little things and then it's time to load it all up and head home.

This is where I ran into a really big snag that took the form of 3 buggies and 2 flat bed carts full of stuff that may or may not fit inside the Tahoe without having to leave behind a child. Or two. Or Grandma. I even asked if they'd ship some of it! As it turns out they are kind of like a Lowes. They'll put it on one of their trucks and drive it to your house but not 6 hours away! I even thought I was going to have to just take some stuff back into the store and get my money back. But with much thanks to the cute little dude that spearheaded the loading of the tahoe and the tieing to the roof of my stuff (it only took 3 guys to load it up) we were off and running and I didn't have to return a single thing! The 2 kiddos had to sit right next to each other so the other seat could be layed down to accommodate the long boxes but since they are the 2 that actually get along.... we got home with no issues and a lot of movie watching.

So, the moral of the story is that next time I'm either going to have to wait for the Frisco store to open and just drive my truck.........or make sure that I'm only taking 2 kids again and drive my truck. If all 3 of them go they'd be WAY too uncomfortable in my truck for 6 hours. But it was a good trip and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'd just be more careful of how many baskets and carts I loaded up!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The first Thursday Three of the New Year!!

1) What are three things you wish you had been able to get done in 2004, but didn't?

Well, I would've liked to have been finished with the house by Christmas but hopefully not much more time to go. I would've also liked to have lost the 10 lbs that I swore I was going to lose at the beginning of 2004.

2) What are three things you have always wished to do, but still haven't done?

I would've liked to have worked at Sea World, that was my dream. I want to travel more, maybe when I get older and the kids aren't dependent on me anymore. Also, I think I'd like to learn to scuba dive.

3a)Where were you on 17-16?

Well, according to Terry's post, the almighty "17-16" refers to a football game played on 1972. Well, I suppose that'd depend on the month it occurred in. If it was prior to June 28th, I was most likely enjoying the ignorant bliss of fetushood. I was in the dark, warm confines of mom's gut completely oblivious to the complications and demands of earthly life. If it was after June 28th, I'm pretty sure I was sleeping, pooping, eating or crying about something as I would've been between the ages of 0-6 months old.

3b)What were Shug's and Bear's real names?

I don't even know who those people are.

3c)Why would anyone go to Alabama when a good school costs about the same?

Hell I'm still trying to figure out why anyone in their right mind would live beyond the borders of the great state of TEXAS!! For school or otherwise.

So, there you have it! My wise words for the Thursday Three!

Where is that good 'ol Texas justice in this case?

In my lofty, and mostly unsolicited, opinion. This woman should be drowned 5 times and brought back to life between each, as well as, I think she should also get to run for her life during at least one of those drownings.

Now where, might you ask, is that gracious Christian attitude of love and forgiveness? It's hiding somewhere in that Eye for an Eye statement if you really wanna know.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Good holidays all around!

My holidays were great, other than Granny not being at the house that is. We went and seen her tho and took her a small Christmas tree. Actually we took her 2! My daughter had been at my mother in law's house a couple of weeks ago and said that Granny didn't have a tree in her room at the nursing home. So, she made one herself out of construction paper. Even put a star on it and cut it all out herself. So she put that up on the bulletin board in Granny's hospital room.

Anyway, we all gathered for Christmas Eve and ate and visited, then got up Christmas morning and did the stuff at our house, then over to my mom's to do gifts, then had a big lunch and then over to the Mr's mom's for the final push of the day.

The following week was pretty uneventful, just trying to get through the mountain of stuff like laundry and putting away the Christmas stuff kept me busy.

I didn't do anything New Year's Eve, matter of fact, I was in bed by 9:30 pm.

Now today I'm back at work and wishing I'd have won the lottery. I need to retire cause I can assure you I enjoy not being here more than I enjoy being here!

Then Granny has a mild heart attack

Oh yeah, my week just keeps getting better and better doesn't it??

So Wednesday morning at 7 am it starts sleeting. And even though I SWORE to myself I wasn't going to attempt it, I realized that if I wanted to eat that day and the next I was going to have to go to my beloved local Wal-Mart and get food and try to pick up a few my gifts while I was out. Plus the weatherman said the ground temp was still around 40 so I figured if I was going to do it I'd better make a run for while the getting was still good. So I go and spend an enormous amount of cash to ensure our survival for a few days. Plus I got that dreaded mother-in-law gift which turned out to be a roaster oven she already had and a thing that turned it into a buffet that she didn't already have. I let her know it wouldn't hurt my feelings if she took the roaster back.

Anyways....... so I make it back and get it all put away and settle in to watch the beautiful snowfall which had added up to about 4 inches by early afternoon. The phone rang and it was my mom, the nursing home called and said that Granny had some sort of episode and they were taking her to the ER.

Well, at this point there was no bloody way I was getting out in the weather, the roads were in bad shape at this point and Granny was doing OK so I didn't see us needing to get ourselves killed to get there. So I just bugged the hell outta those ER people for the rest of the evening and into the night. She was doing fine, she was alert and could tell them her medical history with no problems. I told them just not to ask her what she had for breakfast cause she wouldn't be able to tell them that. Bless her heart, since she had her stroke a couple of years ago she has bad short term memory. However, she seemed to be doing OK and there was no evidence of another stroke but they were keeping her overnight for observation.

The next day we planned to head up there in the early afternoon as soon as we could. My cousin's 4 wheel drive expedition wouldn't have a problem getting us there. As it turns out, Granny had a small heart attack and they were treating her with medication but nothing invasive. She's turning 83 this week and they just didn't want to do anything harsh.

The Dr's and I didn't exactly see eye to eye and some people thought I was going to toss one out the window but since came around to my way of seeing things I let him live. But I sure wasn't happy about it. It seems he just couldn't understand why I wanted all that information. Like: what kind of damage was done? What did the eco cardiogram say about the damage? What was the prognosis? He just seemed to think I should sit there and accept his watered down version of the issue and be tickled pink he even spoke in my direction. Well, one good conversation with the man and he realized that "tickled pink" didn't begin to describe how I felt.

A Living Will is hard to describe to an 83 year old woman. For that matter it's hard to describe to a 32 year old woman! It's hard to make someone face such decisions but it had to be done. I'm the family hard ass. I get to deal with most of the things like this. My mom is the one that signs the papers but I'm the one that gets to swim through the paperwork, deliver the bad news, make people sign things, explain the choices, etc. It's never easy, but these things do have to be done. One thing is for sure, I never planned to have to tell my Granny, during the week of Christmas no less, that she was going to have to tell me what she wants the Dr's to do if she has another heart attack: resuscitate her, or let her go.

She's somewhat childlike since her stroke a couple of years back. She just really wants to come home and have things be like the used to be. We all wish that, more than anything that's what we want. She lived next door to me for many, many years. I saw her every day, my kids saw her every day. Now, since she's up in town in the nursing home, we don't see her much. My mom goes up every day or two and spends time, and I certainly need to go up there more but I just HATE that place. It stinks. And I guess it's just hard to see all those people who once had vibrant lives and now just try to get through another day. Plus I'm not looking forward to my own mortality I guess.

But she's OK for now. She's back in her wheelchair, it's motorized and she never learned to drive a car so now people just try to keep from getting run over by her. She plays Bingo and is an absolute Domino hound so there's not a Domino game played in that place without her knowledge and participation. We'll all keep plugging on and hoping she stays well and feisty.

Better late than never right?

OK, so here's the update on all that crap I meant to update 2 weeks ago.

The puppy thing: Well, the mall we went to in Dallas had the SPCA there selling puppies and kittens. We've been wanting a yellow lab and they had 2 puppies there that were lab/retriever mix so I thought "What the heck". For $185 you get the dog, it's been "fixed", microchipped and had it's shots. Plus, if your vet finds something wrong with the pet within 10 days the SPCA will pay to fix the problem. So there are 2 there, a male and a female, and after some discussion with 3 very excited kids and one husband we settle on the little female. They give me a clipboard and ask me to fill out some paperwork. Not too much to ask, I say to myself. So it's the usual stuff like do you own or rent your home, will the dog be inside or outside, do you have any other pets, have you ever owned other pets, etc etc. I'm honest and fill out all the stuff. So then it's time to go talk to Rick. Rick is the guy who looks like he's taking his job WAY too seriously and has had WAY too much coffee for one day. However, I greet Rick with a smile and a fine howdoyado. Rick looks over my paperwork and proceeds to grill me about the inside/outside thing. He just couldn't wrap is head around the idea that people can't take off work for the first year of a dog's life to make sure that it's INside the house for most of it's existence. He'd never heard of putting a heat lamp, or any other warming type apparatus, inside a dog house for a dog. Obviously the man's never lived in the country because the also figured that if I should have to work for a living I should have a neighbor come over in the middle of the day and let Rover out to potty. I, on the other hand, found it rather cruel to lock a dog in a dog crate for the majority of a day. So, since Rick and I couldn't come to an agreement on how I should keep the dog from freezing to death in our polar ice cap type Texas winters even tho the dog has a thicker coat than I do.... we left without the pooch.

After all that nonsense the kids needed to be treated to a couple of hours at Chuck E Cheeses and a trip to the movies to see the Incredibles. Along with a promise that we WILL eventually sometime in the future make another attempt to get a critter. All was well.

The Truck thing: Then on the way home a cable truck dropped a spool of cable out of the back of his work truck, it was dark and BLAM!!! I hit it. At first I thought I blew a tire until I seen sparks in my rearview mirror and then I thought I lost the tire completely!! But, since the front of my truck didn't do a major nose dive and I had control of it still I threw that idea out the window. I pulled over and there in the median, attempting to turn around and head the other direction on the highway, is a Cable One truck ....... stuck! Buried up to his axles to be exact. He dropped it, his buddy in the truck behind him hit it and then I hit it. At least I managed to send it skidding off the road therefore ensuring that other motorists wouldn't damage their precious vehicles during the week of Christmas. As a matter of fact, I'm glad it was me that hit it. No, honestly. Cause if a family had been in a smaller car and hit that dang thing it would've totalled it and possibly injured someone. In my truck it just bent the bumper and scratched a fender. No injuries. So, they're gonna fix it and all will be well I'm sure.

So, that's the first part of my vacation.