Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Normally, the day after Thanksgiving is the day we set up Oh Taunenbaum. (Or however you spell Christmas Tree in that song we sing this time of year)

BUT, no, not this year. This year I have boxes in my living room. This year I bought a 60" big screen TV and moved the entertainment center that houses a NORMAL sized TV over to make room for the big screen and then stuck all my components in it, like the satellite reciever, VCR, DVD player, etc. Therefore, no room for a tree.

I came home from shopping on Friday and started wrapping presents. I knew I'd have to do this because I can't get to my storage building without a john boat and a paddle because of all the dang rain we've had and I can't hide all that crap in my closet because A) if I do, I can't get to my clothes and B) I couldn't have gotten it all in there anyway.

There's this trunk at the foot of my bed and it's full of blankets. Then there's a little walkway, then there's a box of summer clothes I've already packed and a box of photos that I've packed and then piled on top of those, around those, behind those....... are the presents that I've wrapped. But, darn it, I'm bound and determined that they can't live there much longer! I HAVE to move those someplace else cause I can't get to my PJ's or my socks because on the other side of those presents.......... is my chest of drawers!

With all that being said, the reason I'm being forced to live this way is because I can't paint fast enough. What's THAT got to do with anything???? you may ask. Well, if I could get enough time to paint the new house, get the cabinets stained and the trim painted...... I'd be able to get this new house moving along faster and then I could put up a Christmas tree in the NEW house.

I swore last year that I wasn't going to set up another tree in this dinky house. Well, in all honesty, I thought the new house would be finished way before now and I'd have it set up by now. Oh well, I'll keep trying to find a spot for everything.

OK, so let's recap the week...

Wednesday -
No, I did NOT get to leave early! I wasn't happy either. See, I used to work 6 a to 3 p every day. So, at 3 pm on the day before a holiday some manager in a giving mood would swing in an let everyone go home early. However, 3 wasn't early for ME, it was right on time! I got shafted every year. So, now I work 4 days a week from 6 to 5. My colleagues work 7 to 6. So, last Wednesday, after the day's fur quit flying and things were settled down, one of my colleagues talked to the boss. So there I stood, 5 pm, coat in hand......... Colleague gives boss update about recent fire to be put out and tells boss "Ummm everyone else is like... GONE, is it OK if we leave now?" Boss says "sure". : Yeah, thanks boss. Everyone else on my team left at 5 but they got off work an hour early, lucky me, I get to leave right on time. Shafted again!

So, drive to my favorite store in the whole wide world, WAL-MART!! Picked up last minute articles to fix my stuff on Thursday, grabbed some last minute cups and plates and then it was off to home. I helped my mom set the tables with all the pretty glasses, plates and silverware, baked 2 pumpkin pies and then it was off to slumber world.

Thursday -
Up and at 'em bright and early at 7 am. Put the ham in the oven, drive to end of the road to get my newspaper (seen my dad driving out and thought I was going to bust an axel trying to get to my newspaper before he did the neighborly thing and picked it up for me...... he did the smart thing instead and left it alone) take shower, watch parade, fix cookies and apple crisp thing. I got the apple crisp thing off of foodnetwork. The Barefoot Contessa made this and it was pretty neat lookin. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft pole because I don't eat that kinda stuff, but it looked pretty snazzy and I thought people might like it. It used McIntosh apples tho and people thought it tasted a bit too tart with just a bite of the apple but it was pretty good if ya got a bit of the topping in the bite too. So maybe next time I'll use just the red delicious apples.
So, we cooked, we visited with the family that came over (about 25 people), we did dishes (by hand cause mom's dishwasher is broke!) then it was time for FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!! Yep, gotta watch that traditional turkey day Dallas game. I was layed out on the couch but was so full I could hardly breathe. By the time the 2nd quarter rolled around I had to lay on my tummy and take a nap. But, no worries, I was awake by halftime thanks to my wailing nephew who just HAS to tromp around on the fireplace hearth ensuring an injury when he falls off of it. This time he hit his head on my granny's wheelchair and caused a goose egg to rise on his forehead. Serves the lil kneebiter right, he ruined my nap. But, no matter, I got to watch the 2nd half where the Cowboys won. Yaaaaaaaaaayy!
Time for strategy and list making. Yes, boys and girls, I'm an addicted Day After Thanksgiving Day Shopper! So, I sat on the couch, laptop chugging away, going through my precious shopping ads. I list out the stores, when they open, when their sales end, the items I want, their price and whether or not another store has the same item and what it's price is there. My mom, my cousin and I make this annual pilgrimage into the land of retail paradise every year. And we don't allow anyone else to go with us because they'd just slow us down and get in our damn way!

Friday -
Up at 3 am! Not a big stretch for me cause I'm usually up at 4 anyway to go to work. But, get ready, don't forget the ads!! and we're off! This year my cousin gets to drive cause the Mr waited till the last minute to agree to let me have the tahoe. Hell's Bell's it was time for me to go by the time he gave in and I didn't have time to unload the stupid thing! That's OK tho, I always drive so it's time someone else did the piloting. So, we get to K-Bee Toys at 4. Not a soul in line yet but this idiot chick RUNS up to the mall doors and does a lil dance. Good Grief! Come to find out the poor thing is never on time and never first for ANYTHING so she was just thrilled to be first at SOMETHING. So, that set the bar and the rest of us had to go get in line too. Her little group was pretty entertaining for the next hour so it was OK.

USUALLY, Barney Fife the security guard is inside the mall and will come around periodically to make sure we haven't killed anybody. But this year he was riding around the parking lot in his little white mall security explorer and decided to open the doors from the outside. Now, this wouldn't have been a problem. Except for the fact that ................ I just don't get people that bring their children out on THAT day, of all days of the year. I have 3 kids and there's no way in hell I'd bring them out on that day of the year at 4 am to shop! I've tried to put myself in their shoes and think "what if I was a single mother who didn't have much money, nobody to watch the kids and the toy that they just HAD to have that year was on sale at 5 am and that's probably the only way I'd be able to get it for them". Well, kiddo, you're just gonna have to do without or mommy would just have to put it on layaway. .......... So, the line that formed was at ONE of the doors to the mall. In that particular section there are about 6 or so doors but we were all lined up at one. Some people who had children with them (rolling my eyes here) had come up to the other doors to get out of the breeze a bit. Enter stage left, Barney Fife, who, instead of opening the door where the line is standing, he goes down the line AND OPENS ALL THE DOORS!!! Can anyone say STAMPEDE!?!?!

Now, usually, they just open ONE door and everyone files in and respectively walks to K-Bee toys where there's some roped off area for people to line up and get in the store. We know who was where in the line and let people line up that same way in front of K-Bee. That's when Deanna walks around and asks people what they are mainly there for and she tells them where to find it. She also hands out numbers for the very popular items that are on sale and kept behind the counter to ensure that the people who got there first will actually get what they came for. But noooooooooooooooooo. Deanna isn't there anymore, they're closing the store in January so chaos ensues. Me, however, being the experienced Day After Shopper that I am, had everything I wanted, was in and out by 5:05! New record! Mom, on the other hand, couldn't find what she was looking for and ended up waaaaaaaay back in the line. So, I went around and got the other things she wanted and brought them to her while my cousin ran over to Mervyn's and bought our tennis shoes. Her and do that every year. Mervyn's usually has some tennis shoes we want on a 2fer kinda deal and we team up and get new shoes.

Then, it was off to Wal-Mart. We were there a bit late, arrived at 6 when we usually get there at 5:30. No matter tho. My sister in law works in electronics so she had already told us where everything was going to be. So, we got all our stuff there, then we made it to Target, back to the mall to go to Sears, back to Wal-Mart just because, then we went to IHOP for breakfast. All in all, we were done with all our "have to haves" by 9 am!

After that we just wasted time and ran around. I LOVE this day!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I don't wanna work today

OK, somewhere it just HAS to be written that you get to go home early on the day before a holiday. I dunno where, I dunno the exact wording of the phrase but it just HAS to be somewhere.

I've been dropping not so subtle hints all morning. My boss is out today. That alone, some would think, would give me license to take matters into my own hands and leave when I got dang good and ready. However, HIS boss was here this morning. And I had it on good authority that he was going to "skip out early" today. I know this because I went to his office and asked him if he was going to be here on this day. He said "weeeeeeellll maybe not ALL day" So I said "Aha, so you're skipping out early". He said "weeeeeeeeelll I wouldn't phrase it EXACTLY like that". So, that's how I knew he was leaving early. So, this morning I go to his office and tell him this: "when you leave today just swing by my office and let me know cause that's about the same time I'm gonna wanna be leaving". That sorry sucker just left and I'm still sitting here!

So my boss's boss's boss came by earlier and we spoke about the fact that HE was also leaving early. I told him I was waiting for some management type person to come by and tell me I can leave early. His words were "I might just do that". Then he came in and we all talked about what we were going to do for Thanksgiving and when he left he said "well if I don't see ya'll again, have a great holiday". So what is it with managers anyway? How could they let that tidbit of info slip their minds? Do they think it's not really so important to US to be able to leave early as it is to THEM?

OK, I'm done venting. I think I'll leave early anyway. 2 sounds like a really good time but 3 is probably more realistic. We'll have to see. My boss tho can be a complete ass and he'd probably get pissed if we took such a decision into our own hands and left.

Oh, funny story:

Guy On My Team That I Don't Like: "Hey boss, it's the day before the holiday, most people skipped out at lunch and it's dead, you should let us go home early"

Boss: "Good idea, I think you're right. Who's the person who's on call right now?"

Guy On My Team That I Don't Like: "Me"

Boss: "Oh, well I'm afraid you'll have to stay but everyone else can go home".

Man! Is that a kick in the teeth or what?!?! He didn't do it to be intentionally an ass, although it kinda sounds like that. It's just that our statement of work says that we have to have certain hours of coverage. Also, my boss was a military man so for him it's all about the work. Anyway, we'll see if I get to leave early. I have things to do yanno. Make a last minute run to the store, bake some pies, bake a cake, help mom move the tables around, and the list is longer than I care to think about.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Are you a man, or a monkey??

I ran across a couple of interesting articles this morning. Apparently there is a "sticker" issue in Georgia concerning the theory of evolution. The gist of the matter is that the sticker in question prompts the reader of this school text book to consider the fact that Darwin's theory of evolution is just that: a THEORY. It mentioned the "Scopes Monkey" trial. So I had to check that out. Interesting reading. I think that trial should've been handled differently. It turned into a pissin contest between a bunch of old geezers instead of the monumental, precedent setting trial it could've been. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see what happens with the sticker trial.

Consider this: If God didn't create us as men and women, and we descended from monkeys, why are there still monkeys???!?!?! Why haven't they ALL started walking upright, shaving the sensitive areas and working like a bunch of chumps like the rest of us? Were there just a few "lucky" monkeys who got to grow up all big and be required to put on clothes instead of being able to sit in the trees, eat bananas and pick fleas all day? Man, how'd I get so lucky?

Naaahhh, I'd rather believe that Someone with more intelligence than an APE created me, thank you very much.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Thursday Three - just 5 days late!

Ok, here are the questions:

1. Is your birthday in a good time of year or does it suck?
June 28th is my birthday and it's generally a good time of year. It's usually warm, if you're in Texas it's REALLY warm but not hotter than hell and muggy as ......... well I can't think of a comparison other than AUGUST in Texas so there you have it. It's usually sunny and warm during that time of year and I was always out of school by then when I was a kid so it's was good. I never really had birthday parties, per se, but if I did I guess it would suck a little because I, being out of school and all, wouldn't be able to invite a lotta people cause I wouldn't have had phone numbers and addresses.

2. How did you spend your 21st birthday? (Assuming you have done that and still remember.)
I don't remember what I SPECIFICALLY, did on my 21st birthday, however, I'd just had my oldest boy 4 days beforehand so I wasn't having sex. I was breastfeeding (not the "bonding" experience everyone made it out to be, let me assure ya) so I wouldn't have been drinking. He was only 4 days old so I wouldn't have been sleeping either. Odds are I was sitting in the house somewhere with painfully enlarged boobs, sore stitches, a dazed look in my eyes and the only things I REALLY wanted for my birthday was a shower and a nap!!

On the flip side I was probably completely ecstatic about the fact that I'd just had the most beautiful child on the face of the earth and he was happy, healthy, and totally loved.

3. Do you know anyone with your birthday?
I don't personally know anyone with my birthday, however, the wife of Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) has the same birthday as I do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm still alive

Hello to anyone still reading. I'm still alive and kicking out here. I've been so dang busy that I haven't been able to post anything. I spent last Friday shopping for paint and other things, then spent Saturday and Sunday painting and packing boxes. I try to get something accomplished everyday and since I can't paint after work because I get home so late, I pack a box if I can. This way I'll have some things packed and won't have to do all of that at the last minute.

However, it appears I have plenty of time to pack and do anything else I need to get done because painting takes FOREVER!! Damnation I didn't think it'd take me this long. First you have to put primer on the walls, then you have to paint the ceiling and then you have to paint the walls. Bloody hell what a pain in the ass!

Oh well, I still having the cabinets to stain and the trim to put up too so I better save my bitching and whining until later. LOL

I've been keeping up with Skillz and Terry still and sometimes Dan. I try to read those in the morning when I get in to work so that I get started with a good laugh. Well usually anyway.

Today I'm in training again and then I'm on vacation the rest of the week. It's time to put the lid on this painting nonsense so I took the week off to do just that!

Have a good one!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Thursday Three!

And the survey says:

1. What was the first election you voted in and who did you vote for?
The first election was 2 years ago. After the last fiasco of a Presidential election I decide I didn't want to be left outta the vote again! So I registered and voted in my first election for some of our local yocals. I voted for our local County Commissioner.
2. Who was the biggest loser you ever voted for?
Hmmmmmmm, I dunno who else I voted for in that election because I was really just focused on the one guy. I knew him and really wanted him to win so, at this moment, I don't remember if I voted for someone who was a big loser.
3. Have you ever run for office or worked in a campaign?
I've never run for office or worked in a campaign. HOWEVER, after voting this round I thought it might be cool to be a poll worker. If I didn't have a job I had to go to I'd love to do that so maybe if I win the lottery and/or get to retire I could work at the polls. I don't think I'd like to campaign for anyone, I ain't that "into" politics at this point. But a poll worker might be fun.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The house is making progress, just not as much as I'd like

However, I'm sure that usually the case when building a house. I may or may not have stated before that some of my cabinets have arrived and are mounted in place. They are absolutely stunning! Most people wouldn't get so excited, I suppose, about cabinetry arriving but for some reason it just tickles me pink!

Everything, though, is not without it's hitches. Yes the cabinets arrived but there was an extra one in the laundry room. See, there was supposed to just be a broom closet type cabinet right next to the door and then a countertop along side of it. I didn't want any cabinetry under the cabinet top because that's where I wanted some open space to set a couple of clothes hampers. Plus, with all that cabinetry on one wall and the washer & dryer on the other, I thought it'd just feel too closed in. So I mentioned that to Cabinet Man. He was like "Ohhh yeah, I remember us talking about that but I must've not written it down, no big deal, I'll just build in the counter top frame and take out that cabinet". Cool, but I decided that I wanted to KEEP that cabinet and just put it in the office. Heck, I might as well, it's already in the house anyway. Plus, I didn't have any cabinetry in the office so this is a start.

The Floors:
Well, the concrete stain can certainly be beautiful but they messed up on mine a bit. In the border that was scored for the foyer, dining room and eating niche the black stain seeped under the paper or tape that they had over the border section. Concrete Floor Guy said his man would use a steel wool pad and brush that off before painting in the border. Well he didn't! So there is tan stain over the top of black seepage!

In the center of the border design that was cut, it was stained black. However, there are "splotches" where it appears his man poured the stain on the floor and it splashed out away from itself. It's not supposed to be poured it's supposed to be sprayed on.

As well as, the floor in the laundry room has a big square cut into it and the border around it is black and the inside of the square is tan. However, the black from the board ran over the cut and into the area that is tan. His man didn't steel wool that off before he sprayed the tan on it.

Sooooooooooooooooooo, I spoke to Concrete Stain Guy yesterday and he said he'd try to get out there and look at it. He admitted that he didn't actually SEE the job after his man did it. He didn't act like he really wanted to until I asked very sweetly about his sister. See, the week he stained my floors, his sister had Orthoscopic surgery to remove some gall stones but things went south and he was called away from a job so he could go to the hospital. Seems they found something wrong with her liver. Anyway, all that turned out well and she's OK. He just seemed so impressed and touched that I'd had her on my mind and thought to inquire about her health. Therefore, he's going to try to come out on Friday and look at my floors.

Lesson: It's good to be nice to people. If I'd have yelled and thrown a fit he probably wouldn't want to help me much since he's already been paid for the job. But just a token of thoughtfulness and he's ready to make things right.

Watching History Unfold........

Yeah......... as if! My behind was in bed by 9:30. I figured Ohio would take all blinkin night so I went to bed. However, I did get some laundry done while standing in front of the TV so productivity didn't suffer for politics, which is usually the case when politics are involved.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Some people are just too weird

This guy needs to get out more. Or maybe he needs to be locked up, I dunno. When you first hear about things like this you just wanna crack up. However, these are the weirdos that move from stealing a pair of freshly laundered drawers to eventually raping someone in a laundry mat! Man, don't these people have an internet connection where they can get porn or something!?!?! What's the matter with these people!?!?!

It's kinda like some idiot I read about a few months ago that was arrested for licking some lady's TOES while she was shopping in a GROCERY STORE for the love of Pete! He slid under a counter or something. Wow! What kinda medication do they make to treat THAT?!?!?

Moore trouble

I wouldn't pay $6.50 to see it at the theatre, what makes them think I'd pay $9.95 to watch it on the internet?!!?!

My election Predictions

First and foremost let me just dispel any doubt across our great nation about the state of Texas: We plan to vote for Bush.

I'm sure there was some uncertainty out there and I'm glad I could help in clearing all that up.

My prediction is this: Bush 288 Kerry 250.

With that being said, I'm hoping more smart people vote and/or people of lesser intelligence figure out how to fill in, punch out, or otherwise correctly mark a damn ballot.

The Halloween Dilemma

So Saturday afternoon we are working away on our house. We are working on the electrical stuff and some painting. The Mr's parents are over and they are helping out IMMENSELY! These are two people who are constantly in the process of redecorating one room or another all the time. So their experience is priceless to me. I've never painted a room in my life. Mostly because the first part of my life was spent on Military housing as my dad was in the Army. The walls were white and by golly they'd stay that way while you lived in their building no matter how much you hated it. After my dad retired I lived in a mobile home for 8 years and it was all wood paneling. Then, we moved out in to our OWN mobile home. Away with the paneling, of course, but the walls were all white and it didn't occur to me until 2 years ago that we should paint them. We started but man that got old really quick.

When they build those houses the sheetrock panels are left with spaces in between them and then they cover the space with a piece of trim. Therefore, when you move the house, the walls can shift without cracking everything up. That's something that occurred to me AFTER we'd already ripped off that trim and put joint compound in the spaces. Oh well, whomever we sell the house too will have a couple of nicely painted walls that will crack as soon as they move it.

OK, back to my Halloween Dilemma. So we were working away at putting paint primer on the walls and getting brown craft paper cut to tape over the windows so we can use a paint sprayer to prime the walls. However, it was 6:30 and the children were all coming to me one by one to say "Mooooooom, when are we leaving?" and "Moooooooooom, what time is it? Isn't it time to go trick or treating?"

So, here I have 2 ordained ministers in my house (the Mr's parents) working diligently, giving freely of their time, expertise and muscle work so that some stuff would get done on MY house and I'm having to leave to take the kids trick or treating. Ugghhhhhhh! I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I'm taking my 3 Christian raised kids to participate in a historically questionable practice, I just didn't want to leave! We were making very visible progress on the house and I was feeling really good about it.

However, I did take the kids to main street to do their trick or treating but it only lasted 20 minutes. We got completely drenched and Youngest boy almost got ran over by a van! The "You May Walk" light changed so we could cross the street in this deluge of rain and a van was going to make a turn onto the street we were crossing and he wasn't looking where he was going. He was looking over his left shoulder and I know this because I was VERY close to him waving my umbrella while screeching at the top of my lungs "HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY". He did stop though and Youngest boy was saved. I was saved too because I ran up to shield Youngest boy from this van and would've been squished along with Youngest had said driver not stopped in time.

Again, I have plenty to thank God for this year. It just goes to show that even when we are doing things He frowns on He's still looking out for us.

Whirlwind of a weekend

Any Survivor fans out there?? I'm an avid fan myself. I started watching about halfway through the first season and have been hooked every since. Now there are a lotta "anti-reality show" people in the world and I certainly respect that. I'm sure you're all lost without your Friends show. Anyway, I let the Mr record it for me on Thursday so I could go to Lowe's. I may have mentioned before that they now know me when I walk in their door because I've just about become a daily occurrence in their little corner of the world. As a matter of fact, I feel like a traitor when I go to Home Depot. Maybe it's all that nauseating ORANGE they've got going on. Ick!

So Lowe's is a great place, they even cut the wood for you when you're too lazy to do it yourself. I had to go this time for some OSB boards. That's the cheap version of plywood. I had them cut the sheets in half so I could use them as walkways in the attic so I can wire can lights without having to try to balance on the ceiling joists, or studs or whatever you call them. I also bought some knee pads. Those are the best things since chocolate milk! I could wire lights all day long when I'm wearing those things. I'll never do that kind of work without them again.

So Friday we had a late start. The Mr took me out to breakfast at IHOP. Good place, great chocolate milk too. Then it was off to wire lights, then head to the kids' Fall Festival party that the school refuses to call a Halloween party even though every class room has ghoul and ghost treats, jackolanterns and spooky movies. Then I took the kids to buy their costumes because I've been too dang busy for the last few weeks to get around to it. Back to the house to do some more work and then on to home.

Saturday was a good day. Up for the Youngest boy's soccer game. I had the photographer come out to take action shots so I could see if I could get some better pics of The Boy playing his game. Let's face it, my shots of him were awesome compared to theirs but I did buy the images on a floppy. (Why they don't use a CD is beyond me but OK, whatever gets me what I want). It was my week to bring snacks, that's something else I did on Thursday night: went to Sam's and bought snacks for 2 soccer teams. It was also my week for Baby Girls team. We parents like to watch them wear themselves out playing a soccer game and then we hype them all up by buying their favorite snacks for after the game, then happily send them on their way so their parents can deal with them! :)