Thursday, October 28, 2004

I'm finally back to work but still in training :(

I can post more later but this morning I have more training. For the last 2 days it's been at HP but today it's over SOX compliance. My favorite 2 senators!
The chick giving the training class is the teacher's pet to the VP and she likes to do all that stupid "ice breaker" crap. During a meeting involving the entire IT department once, which consists of about 150 to 200 people, she had us seeing which table (each table containing 5 or 6 people each) could build a bigger tower..... out of our SHOES for crying out loud!!!!! There stood 6 educated, talented IT professionals, in their socks, stacking their shoes, boots, WHATEVER into a tower to see who could build the taller one without it falling over.
Needless to say she makes me nuts. However, being a brainy type person when the occasion calls for it, I know who to be careful of and who to be completely insolent to. She's one of those I'm completely insolent too and therefore she has no idea what to do with me because she assumes I have no fear and, therefore, would have no problem making her look like an idiot in any given situation. So, she avoids me most of the time. Works great.

Anyway, off to more insanity!

Monday, October 25, 2004

I don't even LIKE baseball but I like this guy!

He's rootin for the Red Sox!

More Weekend life.

Soccer games for kids are just too much fun. Youngest boy and Baby Girl play soccer. Oldest boy opted out for this season but you can see he misses it a lot. Youngest boy always has a good outlook even when they keep whipped all over the field. That's what's so fun for me. If I was like this other boys dad I'm sure I'd be as miserable as he and his boy are. You always hear about the bad sports parents right? Well he's one of them. Even his wife has to tell him "it's just a game!" He yells at the boy all the way across the field, he yells at the other kids sometimes too. He doesn't yell at Youngest boy though and that's a good thing. Cause I'd have to tell him "look, yell at your kid and embarrass the hell outta him if you think you just have to but leave my boy alone". My boy was on the same team as his boy last season too so I think he and I already understand each other. At this point, his boy will stand in the middle of the soccer field and yell back at his dear old dumbass dad. I think it's kinda funny. This is the same kid that trips, pushes and makes an ass of himself so "like father like son" I say.

Anyway, we have 2 games every Saturday to attend. They are usually spaced out in a very inconvenient way. Like one at 9 am and one at 2 pm. Crap like that.

So, Saturday we had ball games, then I had to go over to a guy's house and check out his pc. This guy helped work on the house for a couple of days so I owed him. Then we were off to buy the kids some shoes. Then we went and wired some lights up at the new house.

Wiring isn't as fun as it looks. The Mr taught me how to wire it up, black wire to black wire, white to white, green to ground and bare to ground. OK, Nooooooooooo problem. Yeah freakin right! My fingertips were so damn sore after 2 lights I thought my skin was gonna bleed. Plus my back hurt and neck hurt from scrunching over to wire them and OMG let's not talk about my poor knees!! Yes I'm whining! But, I pushed on anyway and got 2 more done. Yaaaay me! Mr was running some more wire so that was his job. Besides, there were yellow jacket nests up there and I know how to stay low to the ground. If anyone was gonna get worked over by them lil stingers it'd be the Mr. Yep, I know where I belong. They were settled in for the night tho and didn't bother us none.

Isn't weekend life great?

So, Friday was spent spinning my wheels. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Yanno when you have 15 gazillion things to get done and it seems that you spend the better part of the day trying to get ready to accomplish something and you end up accomplishing nothing at all?? Well, that was Friday for me.

I got up at 6:30, that's sleeping in for me during the week cause I get up a 4 to go to work, and got the kids up for school. Dropped the youngest 2 at their school, driver across town and drop off Oldest at the middle school. I take my kids to school because I don't like the buses around here. They'd have to be at the bus stop at 6:30 and would get home till 4:30 or 5. Besides, that's where I got into most of my trouble when I was in school so I'm not willing to tempt them ya know. Anyway, after dropping off the rugrats, I swing by Sherwin Williams. I bought 2 of the 5 gal buckets of primer. I figure I can start priming the walls for paint while we're waiting on the stain guy to stain the concrete. I can't prime the rooms he's going to stain cause their stain hits the walls and I'd have to just do it all over anyway. So, I get the primer and head home. Mr and I get the flat bed trailer and head to Lowe's. They know me by face at this point cause I'm in there 4 outta 7 days a week. Sad isn't it? We bought some plywood, cheap plywood that is, to lay down in the attic floor so we can walk around up there and wire the can lights because we didn't get that done before they put up the sheetrock. We also bought wire nuts and stuff to get that wiring done.

We went out to the house and dropped off that stuff and ate the Arby's sandwhichs we bought for lunch. Then I had a nail appointment. No, not nails as in hammer in nails, but as in fingernails. I go twice a month to see Ashley. She's my nail technician. I like her better than the asians in the mall because the asians always wanna chop off your real nails and stick those plastic tips on you! I like my real nails, thank you very much. I just cover them with acrylic to keep them from breaking so much. Plus Ashley does a mean paint job. Right now my nails are neon green with black tips. Tis the season and all yanno.

So, after nail appt, it was back to the new house where the Mr's parents and his Granny were there checkin out the floors and stain samples. His mom liked them all, his dad said "gimme carpet any day" and his Granny's too nice to give an opinion. She's just proud for us getting a new house.

By then it had started to rain and was getting dark so we headed home. So you see? Wheels spun, nottin done.

Design cut into the concrete. Look REALLY hard to see the octogon type shape. Posted by Hello

Concrete Stain Choices Posted by Hello

Picking floor stain is harder than you think!

So Thursday evening the concrete stain guy lays down some stain choices. If anyone is interested in staining concrete you can check out Kemiko's website for more info and a color chart. However, let me say that if you see a color on the site that you like don't think for a second that it's going to look that way on YOUR lil piece of slab. At least, not entirely. They say that the chemicals in the acid that they use to stain your concrete reacts differently to different slabs. For example, the Golden Wheat color didn't come out looking like wheat, it looks like a rusty spot in the floor!

The picture below has 4 different colors. From left to right they are: Golden Wheat, Black, Cola, and Tan Malay. They all have an extra coat of the black over their bottom sections because I wanted to see something dark on the floors.

Well anyway, the Mr didn't really want concrete stain on the floors anyway cause he just didn't like it but he gave in to me anyway then somehow ended up stuck making the decision on which colors to use. Kinda cool how that worked out ain't it!?!? LOL He says I made him make the decision that way if it doesn't turn out right then I can blame him. Now I ask you, would I do something like that?!!? Of course not. So the Mr chose tan malay for the border and black for the rest of the floor. The reason for this is because I wanted a dark floor and dark counter tops with light colored cabinets between the two. I think it'll be just plain slick lookin mahself. Mr designed the border and I'm posting a pic of one of them but you hafta look REALLY hard to see the design that's cut into the floor. You'll be able to see it better once it's stained but you may be able to get the idea. It's an octagon stretched long to the shape of the foyer in this particular pic and then there's a more "square" one for the dining room and then another "Long" one for the eating area. There's also a border around the island in the kitchen.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Half day for me!!

So today I'm only working a half day (YAAAAAYYY me!) Youngest boy has a dentist appointment with a pediatric dentist. This is because Youngest boy won't allow a normal dentist to do anything to his teeth. A pediatric dentist gives these nice lil pills called Valume to effectively rob a child of the will to resist dental procedures and a normal dentist wants a dental visit to be "a pleasant experience" (I don't know what he's smokin but it's some goooooooood stuff!) and therefore won't give aforementioned pills to a child.
Normally I would agree because Oldest boy has been to a pediatric dentist before to have caps put on his front teeth and I didn't like the experience. You kind of feel like you're betraying your child when you drug them up and hand them off to a stranger type dental assistant that carries your lethargic child to another room and performs dental stuff on them. They don't let you go back with them, which is also disturbing, because they tell you that if you are back there then your child is going to holler and carry on wanting you to hold them. All that squawling makes other kids squawl and then you have what sounds like a sale barn going on back there. (for you yankee readers: sale barn = large barn like structure with covered pens where people take their large animals such as cattle, pigs, horses, etc to sell. They run them through an arena where people bid on them to buy. The barn area is very loud as the cattle, general term, protest to confinement loudly)

Anyway, I take him to this dentist because the normal dentist once tried to do a filling and Youngest boy bit down on the drill. Normal dentist gave up at that point. I don't blame him but could've told him that he should've turned up the goofy gas a bit higher.

So, off to new dentist we go. Then I get to go to the new house and pick out concrete stain samples! Wooo Hoooo! Concrete stain man is out there as I type cleaning my floors (whataguy!) and spraying down samples of Cola, Wheat, Cola with black over it and some plain black stain. He's also laying out the design that'll be scored into the floor and, after Mr and I approve it, he'll cut those out. They are set to stain tomorrow! I'm not sure how the rain outside, humidity and all yanno, will affect it but hopefully it'll be alright.

Then, youngest boy has a soccer game tonight at 5:30. It'll last an hour and then I make a mad dash home to watch my Beloved Survivor. I love that show. Too bad they kicked Brady off.. he was a hottie. It's ok though... I still have Jeff Probst to oggle. :) Then CSI comes on. There's an awesome show too. Tonight is the best night to watch TV with Monday nights coming in a close second with Two & a Half Men and CSI Miami. Otherwise there's not much else to watch these days unless you cound Football on Sunday. I spend the rest of my TV watching time on HGTV.

Hopefully I'll have house floor pics to post tomorrow.

My first Thursday Three!!

The questions are (so I can remember them, not so YOU can):
1. What is the most hapless/hopeless team/athlete you have rooted for (rooting against a team does not count).

2. What is the oddest sport you follow.

3. What is the furthest distance you have gone to attend and/or participate in an event.

Ok so here goes:
#1 The most hapless team would have to be my Beloved Cowboys during a losing season. I'm most definately a Cowboys fan and have been my entire life. I root for them no matter who they are playing, what their chances are or what odds the Vegas betting books give them.
#2 The oddest sport I follow are the sleep-a-thons at my house. This is the sport of finding out who can sleep the latest on any given weekend day. The rules include: do not wake up mom no matter how late you drag your scrawny behind outta bed. You're old enough to make your own bowl of cereal and I've taught you how to ask a fellow sibling for assistance if the jug of milk is full. As well as, a fine if you're caught YELLING through the house to inform another siblings that mom is indeed still asleep.
#3 In 9th grade I was in a Marching Band for Ft. Campbell High school in Ft. Campbell Kentucky, so we did some traveling then and in 10th, 11th and 12th grades I showed steers for Denison High School and travelled to Houston yearly (6 hour drive pulling a trailer of 1200 lb steers that couldn't get comfortable and shifted the trailer around for the entire drive) for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. We were usually there for 4 or 5 days and this always involved at least 1 day of gettin up at 3 am to wash and blow dry said bovine. All of which equally agreed that 3 am is an atrocious time for a bath involving only cold water from a hose.

Open mouth, Insert foot

What a dumbass of a chick. You'd think Ms. Ketchup would learn to ZIP IT but maybe she's a lil "slow".

I have discovered a few more muscles I didn't know I had!

We admin type people who spend a large majority of our time in chairs plunking and clicking happily on a daily basis sometimes come across a situation where we realize we are so completely out of shape it's not even funny.
Take yesterday for example...... I have to paint. As in with a brush and a paint tray. It's time to change the color of the outside trim from primer gray to something akin to tan. Now, anyone as technical as myself would look for the easy way out, like a sprayer, for example, but I'd have the shingles, roof and windows painted by the time I handled a sprayer so that's not a good idea. Or, just paying someone more talented than little ole' me to do it, but the goal is to save a little money on this project. So, paint I shall!
So, paint tray and brush in hand, I climb the ladder and begin to paint. At this point I should state that anyone wishing to do bodily injury to the person that invented masonite siding, it has a lot of dimples!, has my blessing. If that inventor is already dead....... good riddance.
Anyhoo, after much brushing, trying the roller, changing my mind and going back to the brush, many trips up and down the ladder to refill, stopping for lunch and to meet the concrete staining guy, more painting and cleaning up, I can say without shame that I am out of shape! Well OK I have a shape it's just not the one I want. To hell with a stairmaster, grab a ladder! Even my butt muscles hurt! It took me forever to go to sleep last night cause I hurt so bad.
However, now that I'm done whining, I can say that the U shaped area around my back patio looks pretty darn good. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get OFF the roof once I get up there to paint the sides, however, I shall persevere. I may hafta move the trampoline over near the edge and just jump off but I'm not sure if I have the gonads for that. Someone may have to PUSH me off.

I feel thoroughly welcomed!!

Thank you soooooooooo much to everyone for their welcome to bloggerland! And thank you for visiting me on my new little corner of the net! Angie it'll be great to swap kids, home and (best of all) TEXAS stories with ya! Terry you have been saved as a favorite spot that I visit every morning and several times throughout the day so there's no way I'd visit less. You're stories are so good that I have to hit your site EARLY in the morning otherwise people would wonder what the heck I was laughing at back here in my corner of cube world. Skillz you sweet thang you! Thanks for linking me up! I appreciate the reference. I can't wait until Houston goes up against the Sox......... speaking of which... anyone notice the resemblence between the Sox (as in Boston) and the SOX (as in SOX Compliance, as in our two favorite senators that every system admin would love to meet up with in a dark alley somewhere)?? Evil I tell you... just plain EVIL!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The new house is coming along

At present time, we are attempting to build a house. Thus far I've been in this process for the better part of the year. Therefore I'm completely obsessed with seeing it finished. I don't much care for banks. Big, small, it doesn't matter much. I understand, however, that everyone must make a living and therefore I must pay out the nose for theirs while struggling to make mine. Anyway, I started trying to get some concrete on the ground in some house defining type of shape in February when I received my bonus. However, banks being what they are and all, that didn't happen. As a matter of fact, after months of messing with people, the paper work was signed on June 28th (My birthday incidentally :)) and we STILL didn't get concrete on the ground until the end of August! The Mr was none too happy about that but it was finally underway.
My builder (the poor man!) was probably ready to pull my head off by that time but I just kept thinking "you ain't seen nothin yet dude!" Naahh, seriously, he's a good 'ol boy and he builds a pretty nice house too. And so far he hasn't threatened to kill me... at least it hasn't gotten back around to me yet if he DID say it.

Anyhow, the kids are happy. Baby girl is getting a bigger room so she's happy. Oldest boy won't have to share with Youngest boy anymore so that'll make him happy. And Youngest boy will be able to make a complete mess of his own room without interferring with Oldest's stuff so that'll make HIM happy.

Here's a shot of the new house. It's 4 bedrooms with an office. It's 2208 sq ft which is twice the size of what I've got now. Yep! I'm finally getting out of the trailer house!! Wooooo weee! Although..... now that I think about it...... trailer living does have it's advantages: If you ever get sick of the neighborhood you can always slap the wheels back on it and MOVE!!

New House 10-18-04 Posted by Hello

My first entry

I'm not sure what I'll post here or even how often I'll post. I've read several blogs and I find them absolutely fascinating. Everyone has an opinion and I can be more opinionated than most sometimes so why not make a blog. Besides, I have to have some place to vent! LOL

I seen a posting on Terry's site where skinnydan has made his new blog. I thought "how hard can it be?!?!" I'm sure it'll be a learning experience. Maybe I'll perfect my spelling skills. is where you'll find the other newest member.